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Natural Healing range for People and Animals. 

Welcome to our range of natural healing products!  

We use only pure, natural ingredients that are locally sourced. Our products are made with great care and love, to ensure quality and freshness.

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Synergens - healing naturally as nature intended

Our Synergens range of nautal healing products are hand made, using  natures own natural ingredients.

These products have been made to be used by both man and beast alike -  a multi purpose and multi usage product. We have endeavoured to use New Zealand home grown ingredients as our first option, as well as organic products where possible. Paraben and chemical free! No hidden nasty's! Natural as Mother nature intended. 

Both the plastic pot and glass spray bottle containers can be recycled

Keeping healing simple - naturally!!

Natures Gentle Heal 

Gentle Heal was developed specifically for the skin and skin ailments. Again, using natural ingredients, the Gentle Heal range has been made to be used by both beast and man alike - a multi purpose and multi usage product -
Gentle Heal is perfect for all wounds and injury to skin for both animals and people . It is ideal for skin conditions such as itching, insect bites and stings, ring worm, wet & dry eczema, abrasions, dermititus, opens wounds and sores, inflammation and irritation, skin conditions, cuts and scrapes, hot spots on dogs skin, flea rashes, thrush, impetigo (school sores) , fungal and bacterial infections etc. Soothes and heals stressed or cracked skin, and can also assist with mild sunburn to the skin. The use of this range is endless.

Anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti septic, anti inflammatory, anti viral, anti itch, anti histamine
Soothing, cooling and healing.

The Gentle Heal range is a concentrated product that contains a blend of 8 infused plant and herbal oils and extracts, essential oils and Flower essences - giving a total Holistic Healing treatment. A little goes a long way.
It also has the added bonus of natural insect/fly repellent oils in the blend to ensure that the injury/wound stays as clean as possible.
Lightweight and convenient in its use. Gentle and easy to use for all of the family, as well as the family pets and equine.

Available in 100ml spray bottle and a 50gm pot

Gentle Heal spray for Wound & Skin

Gentle Heal is a concentrated spray is perfect for immediate response first aid treatment, as well as ongoing treatment too. Portable, convenient and easy to use.
Spray directly onto the skin/wound. Non residual, dries on the skin quickly, and is absorbed gently into the skin or open wound, promoting rapid healing. The spray is perfect to get into those nooks and crannies of a wound that can be hard to get a cream into, or on difficult to reach places that you cannot apply cream too. Ideal for animals paws, and for wherever a situation is difficult, or not recommended, to actually touch the skin

Keep it in the tack box for those paddock and travel scrapes and problems. Perfect for first aid kits, in the kitchen, sports bags, in the car, for traveling, in your pets travel equipment. Carry with you on picnics or events for the children as well.

Perfect for all of the family, equine and pets

Gentle Heal cream for Wound & Skin

Gentle Heal is a fabulous cream is known by clients as the 'Magic cream' as it seems to help heal everything in which it is applied too
This magic cream can be used as a follow on from the spray, or just on its own.
Clean the wound or injury site gently. Apply Gentle Heal cream to open wounds, skin abrasions insect and animal bites, dermititus, infections, itching and general skin irritations, cuts, and eczema. This cream is in a Vitamin E base which is easily and readily absorbed into the skin with ease - bringing with it quick relief and healing. Gentle Heal is soothing on the skin, promoting gentle healing rapidly. It is a concentratd product and rubs in well - just a little goes a long way.

Perfect for all of the family, equine and pets.


Natures Trauma Heal 

Trauma Heal is made specifically for any trauma or injury to muscle and soft tissues. Whether it be bruising, a sprain or strain, over exertion to muscles, damage to ligaments, tendons and all soft tissues. Safe for human and animal use.

Perfect for sports people, joggers, dancers,or just to have for daily injuries and pain.
This range is excellent for acute and chronic conditions.

Trauma Heal is ideal for people, as well as animals such as horses and dogs.

Please note that the Natures Trauma Heal is not a 'heat' product - warmth is generated when using the cream; however, we have kept the 'warming' agents low so that this can be used safety, and comfortably, on our animals as well. It is ideal for the more delicate skin as well.
Trauma Heal is designed for effective healing the soft tissues - which will bring its own relief. The properties within this range may give a mild analgesic to the injury site - bringing quick relief.

Anti inflammatory, pain relieving, and healing. Trauma Heal can also assist with nerve pain and sciatica.

The Trauma Heal range contains a concentrated blend of 7 infused plant and herbal oils and extracts, essential oils and Flower essences. Easy and convenient to use on yourself, your family, your pets or your horse, giving a total Holistic treatment.
The Trauma range contains Arnica - recommended not use on broken skin

Available in 100ml spray bottle and a 50gm pot

Trauma Heal spray for muscle & soft tissue

Trauma Heal concentrated spray is designed for immediate response treatment on site if needed, and/or ongoing care and healing of the soft tissues. Whether it be at the sports field, in the paddock, or at home.
At the first point of injury or strain, spray directly onto the the area concerned. Pat it in gently of needed. This product is rapidly absorbed into the muscle/soft tissues and will dry quickly with little or no residue. Continue using as a maintenance treatment, or use our Trauma Heal cream to follow on.
Absolutely brilliant for self application in those hard to reach areas where you cannot apply a cream yourself. Spray on and dries within seconds.
Lightweight, convenient first aid for all muscular and soft tissue treatment. Great to reach those 'hard to reach' places that you cannot get to with creams

Keep it in your tack box, horse float, first aid kit, backpack if trekking or travelling, sports bag, glove box of your car,or work gear etc.
For animals (mainly horses and dogs) can be shaken and sprayed directly onto the affected muscle/soft tissue/joint. It will absorb into the skin.

Trauma Heal cream for muscle & soft tissue

Trauma Heal concentrated cream can be used as a follow on from the spray, or use it alone. Massage gently into sore muscles, bruises, strains or injury sites. Can also be applied to RSI , arthritic or rheumatic areas. This cream is in a Vitamin E base which is easily and readily absorbed into the skin with ease - bringing with it quick relief and healing.

Lightweight, non greasy and easy to use. Keep it in your tack box, sports bag, travel gear, backpack, first aid kit.
Please note that this is not a 'heat' product - warmth is generated when using this cream; however, we have kept the 'warming' agent low so that this can be safetly, and comfortably, used on our animals as well. It is a concentrated product that massages in well - just a little goes a long way.


 Comments from Clients for Gentle Heal range ~

"Love Energy Works Gentle Wound Spray. It has had unbelievable results on my Bull Mastiff's last wet eczema outbreak, stopping it from spreading on the first day of use! Also used it on my child's school sores (man THEY are hard to shift without antibiotics!) and it worked fantastically. It is now a "must have" in my home and my first port of call for ANYTHING but especially those bacterial infections, love Love LOVE the stuff!"
Kelley-Anne Rasmussen - Blenheim

“The cream is amazing and has already started to clear up the rash my dog's tummy :)” Rosa. NZ

" I love this cream!!! We use it for everything now. On my cat and on the rest of my family! Thank you for a great product!!!!" T.Nathan - Auckland

"I love the Gentle heal. I have used it on my gelding and the sore on his back leg is healing very quickly. I have also used it on myself and it is excellent. I had a pimple thing starting and put it on stopped the itching." Sammy S.I

"I have been using the Natures Gentle Heal on my dog, he had something on the side of his face and it has healed up. I also had a dry patch of skin on my face and it seems to be healing up as well. I spent far too long out in the sun yesterday and used it on my face again and neck. No sign of burning at all. Thank you so much." P.H. BOP NZ

Comments from clients for Trauma Heal range ~

"Wow...what can I say....Thank you so much for my gift. The cream is amazing. The day it arrived, one of our sons fell and twisted his arm. After much screaming in pain from him, he let me apply your cream to his arm. The next day all was better and we had a happy boy again. Thank you so much for your wonder cream....would highly recommend :-)" S Jade – Australia

" love this stuff!! Use the spray when I injured my wrist and I had pain free mobility back again within a couple of days. Great for when I am running as well - carry it to spray on my muscles when I have problems with lockups! thanks!!!!!! SF - Wellington

"I found the cream easy to rub in and it warmed to the touch much quicker than other products I have used. I feel it helped quicken the repair process, especially when my son injured his knee playing league. Further, I did not need to use much which made it an economical buy, I found the scent refreshing but not overpowering. Finally it is a conveniently sized pottle, as I am able to carry it around in my bag. Highly recommend this cream (5 stars) " JA Auckland

"Awesome stuff! I used your Trauma spray on my back where I find it hard to reach with any creams. Spray and the pain and discomfort are gone!! Thanks so much!!! " JMM Auckland

"Just wanted to let you know that the trauma healing cream you prepared for me was wonderful. My wrists are not painful any more, it's unbelievable! I can now type and work with a mouse as long as I want to. Plus I always have the little trauma healing cream in my bag.
Thank you very much for that! "
Antonella Bogo D'Aquino Brazil

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions if these products would be suitable for your needs.Thank you
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