Testimonials from Clients

Mouse - Chihuahua

Thank you so much for the healing work that you have done on our rehomed Chihuahua Mouse. I realise how much you did to clear him physically mentally and spiritually.

Thank you also for making up a special remedy for Mouse and suggesting that we give him the special stress drops as well.

 I’ve had several discussions with our vet on the physical aspects and we have him on some inflammatory medication and also for his funny little cough thing that he does. They are both going well so far.

 I would recommend you to any owner who takes on a rehomed pet and of course has no knowledge of their background. You are kind and caring when speaking with them.

MB - Levin  - Animal distance healing session, Personal Vibrational essence blend and Animal Stress blend

Monkey & Stanley -cats

There’s so much talk about the mental and physical wellbeing in the media which in these times is understandable. I often thought do we actually consider the mental and physical wellbeing of our fur and feather babies? This only came to my attention when I noticed both my fur-babies were acting out of character and one was losing weight post vet blood tests etc showed no signs for concern. I have been a recipient of  energy healing in the past and know the benefits this form of healing has, so I thought can this form of healing work for animals?

So I did some research after my concerns for both my fur-babies grew. I found Energy Works NZ website, read what I liked, and spoke with Jeanne, I’m so glad I did. I spoke to her about my behavioural concerns for both fur babies. After Jeanne worked on both my fur babies from a distance, both have shown signs of their former selves, which is so great to see.

The main one I was concerned about has his appetite back and has so much more energy and overall his wellbeing has improved tenfold. The other, is a lot more calmer around her brother and less likely to engage in tussles with him. I noticed a significant change for the good in both and as a fur baby mum I am over the moon. I have also been given a contact of a lady that does homeopathic remedies for animals that I know I will use in the future. I’m really glad I went down this route.

Jeanne’s website stipulates that she is not a replacement for a vet and it is important to know this, she is a healer that works on the energy of beings and does an AMAZING job! My two fur babies look and behave so much better after Jeanne worked on them both. It is worth the investment, and I will continue to have both my fur babies seen by Jeanne along with the usual vet visits needed. Mental and physical wellbeing is important for all not just for us humans. Thank you Jeanne! We’ll be back.   

 Thank you again

E.T - Auckland - distant animal  healing sessions

Cynthia - person

I have worked with Jeanne for a few sessions over the past year or so, and each session has proved to be both unique and apt to the situation I am dealing with. I find Jeanne to be friendly and warm, and also very knowledgeable and skilled in what she does. I highly recommend her and love the work that she does.

CL - Auckland  - both onsite & distance healing sessions

 Randal - cat

Jeanne worked with our boy cat who was really unwell and whose health had been deteriorating slowly over about a week.  He wasn't drinking (several days) or eating and was really lethargic.  Soon after Jeanne began working with him (by distant healing) he started to pick up and move about a little.  By the next morning he was drinking water and by that same afternoon he ate about a teaspoon of meat.  Every day he made improvements.  Now, about a week and a half later is his old self.  Very vocal, robust appetite and has even been back out in the fields hunting and eating rabbits.  Jeanne sent an email report of her findings and the work she did - very thorough and diligent.  We are so pleased we found her and grateful we still have our boy!

 AB - South Island - distant healing session

Product - Animal Stress blend

I’m fairly sure my old dog (a 15 year old blue heeler) has “doggie dementia” as she had begun to bark incessantly at night to be let out. Sometimes it was to go for a tinkle but mostly it was for no reason but to sit and look out into the darkness. It was naturally driving us a little bonkers so I did a little research and read about Rescue Remedy for pets. Although my old girl is not really anxious (just a bit nuts!) I also read that some dogs were happier if there were a light or two left on overnight.

I then discovered your Animal Stress Blend and felt it was far better value for money than Recue Remedy so thought it was worth a try.

She gets four drops on a treat before we go to bed every night and with a couple of lamps left on,  its now very rare that she barks to be let out. I have no doubt that the combo of the stress blend and the lights are what has achieved this happy result and it happened almost instantly!

I’m on my second bottle and will continue to buy hopefully for awhile to come.

Thanks so much for making something affordable that works so brilliantly!

Jo- Christchurch - Animal Stress blend


I came to see Jeanne for an energy healing session and highly recommend her if you need help with clearing any blockages.
Jeanne is truly gifted, kind and easy to talk to. I felt relaxed as soon as I walked into her healing room and even more so when I left (this lasted for day's after). I also felt a lot lighter and still do.

JK - Auckland -onsite session

Product - Equine Stress blend 

We use your equine blend to give to our horses; just a few drops under their tongue while we are tacking up, so about 20 minutes before we ride out. We take our horses to the South Island every year and ride up into the high country. The horses need to be able to cope with a huge array of changing circumstances and we have found that the stress blend helps with that immediate ‘shock’ type reaction, when say a deer runs out of the scrub. Thank you.

MB - Waikato - Equine Stress blend

Louis, Horse and people - family

I have used Jeanne from Energy works for not only the animals, but myself also.
With the session for myself I felt completely comfortable and relaxed and left feeling much better than when I arrived.
With the distance sessions for the horses she has been extremely accurate each time as well as sorting out some issues that they had.
From an ungrounded Thoroughbred that needed a bit of support to a little mini we had with clinical laminitis. The mini let Jeanne know that we had ‘cramped his lifestyle’ (as we had him in a pen to stop him moving around too much) and after Jeanne’s distant session the heat in his leg disappeared and he was zooming around again in no time.
For my main competition horse, Jeanne had picked up on his gut and sacral issues and worked to clear his energy and give healing for him. She mentioned his dry sense of humor which is totally accurate for that boy!
He has put on more weight this winter than ever before and is looking fantastic.
I will continue to get sessions with Jeanne as needed as I feel that alongside the physical treatments we have, the energetic sessions are equally as important for their care and wellbeing.
She has a lovely kind personality - so if you are considering booking a session I would highly recommend it!

KK Auckland - onsite and  distance healing 

 Product  - Personnel Vibrational  blend

I truly believe people come into your life for a reason I reconnected with Jeanne at Energyworks at a time I really needed to. Her  personal vibrational essences are magical they have done me wonders and still do but don't take my word for it try them yourself you won't be disappointed and hey these sprays are all natural an added bonus. Thank you Jeanne for your guidance and your products.

LR-Rotorua - Personal Vibrational blend

 Annette - person

I can highly recommend going to Jeanne for a personal healing energy session. I have been twice and both times were amazing, especially the most recent session as I really felt the energy moving around my body, and my back pain lessened.

I tried to relax and enjoy the process, and accept the energy moving which was quite powerful at times, quite wonderfully weird, but I will be back for more! 

Jeanne has a lovely home and it feels very safe and protected to be there, I found her great to talk to as well, a wonderful person.

A.B - onsite sessions

Product - Animal Stress blend + Gentle Heal cream

I stumbled across Jeanne and her product to calm my dogs when there is a storm. Vet products are so expensive and I am an open minded person who has been thrilled with Jeanne's product. 

Obtaining a product is easy and Jeanne has a wealth of knowledge due to years of research to develop natural options for both pets and people. She has a true affinity with both and I 100% stand by her Animal Stress Blend and now also her amazing Gentle Heal cream that works wonders on burns, cuts, bites and so much more. I tried chemist creams in the past but the speed of which this cream works and the lovely aroma to boot, makes this a winner for me. 

I will continue to add more items to my cupboards as I need and suggest you do too, you won’t be disappointed

Alison D - Auckland

The Flight family

My journey with Jeanne Northwood of Energy Works began as my son and I were heading into Autumn and facing the prospect of yet another 9 months on inhalers and antihistamines for him, as prescribed by our G.P. Neither of us were keen at all. I contacted Jeanne re a vibrational essence for my son and that was the start of a life changing experience. He has been inhaler & drug free since March this year (it is now September 2018). 

Soon after he began his journey, I got a bottle of my own vibrational essence, a bottle of sleep drops & Jeanne did a remote clearing for me. After major surgery in 2011, I had been having painkillers and nerve blockers every day - at times up to 6 a day. I am now drug free and have been since April 2018. I am having the best sleeps that I've had in years. I awaken rested and relaxed, AND I have my dreams back!

Needless to say we extended our collection to include Chakra Mist Spray, Gentle Heal cream, and Flea Repellant Oil for our furry family member.

Jeanne has also taken the time and energy to create a fantastic massage oil which she "tweaked" especially for us. It's like a super conductor for healing energy, mixed with her "magic" and is amazing! The benefits continue long after massage application and clients have reported feeling the healing continue for days after! In addition to that the oil is healing for the healer - I have arthritis in my left hand and wanted something to assist with this too. So now every time I am able to help someone else with their healing, I am increasing mobility and healing within myself. Win win!!

Throughout this process Jeanne has been incredibly generous with her time, energy and knowledge. She is a warm and wonderful woman with such beautiful energy, and has become a firm friend.
I cannot recommend her or her products highly enough. As I said, this journey has been life changing for us. Our "medicinal" requirements have changed from a cupboard full of pill boxes, inhalers & creams, to a little stand of bottles full of Jeanne's natural products and magical vibrations and we are beyond thankful.

M.F Hamilton

Product - Gentle Heal spray

Hi Jeanne, You may remember I purchased the Gentle heal from you because my dog burnt his nose from the BBQ, well I thought you might like to see the results and get an update.

He is doing really well in, fact I saw results as soon as I started using the spray and within a month he was almost completely healed. Remembering that the research I did on the severity of his burn meant it wasn't supposed to start healing till 20 days after the burn.

I reckon it was more like 7 days, So I firmly believe the spray sped up his healing. thanks for the amazing product. Thank you!!!!

MDB - Waitakere  - Gentle Heal spray

Gemma - Dog

My baby Gemma is doing so well and has been very bouncy the past few days. I am struggling and she really picks up on this so telling her not to take on my sadness. I so appreciate the healing top ups you have sent/ are sending to Gemma. She is most definitely an Angel in my life.

CB - Auckland - all sessions have been done distantly, and continue to do so.


 I have been using Energy Works products for the last 10 months and highly recommend them. My family medicine cabinet has gone from being full of pharmaceuticals to a nice little array of vibrational essences & healing balms - all natural! Even the family pet is in on it 😊 I've incorporated Jeanne's beautiful products into my healing work, with an absolutely fantastic massage oil, which "super conducts" the healing flow & brings healing to the healer as well - win win! I cannot say enough good things about Energy Works. Jeanne is a very special woman & an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much xx"


Rhett  - Horse

I met Jeanne when in search of an energy worker to do remote healing and energy sessions with Rhett, my 12 yo Lipizzaner/Andalusian rescue I adopted from the Lipizzan Rescue Foundation in 2014.  Rhett came with a different name, Darcy, and a ton of emotional and physical baggage and trauma...much more than I realized.  We have come a long way in our progress on our horsemanship journey...but there was still something missing. Rhett's gets regular bodywork every 6-8 weeks by a certified therapist and in between, I practice Masterson Massage methods and my own brand of energy work!

Rhett's first session with Jeanne was amazing to read in an email...she was 100% solid in her descriptions of Rhett's personality and his physical challenges.  Rhett has been a 'head wringer' the 3 years we've been partners...on his own, with another horse, both on the ground and the little bit of riding we have done.  After his first session with Jeanne, that 'head wringing' had subsided about 1/4% of his norm....after his 3rd energy session with Jeanne, that 'head wringing' happens less than 1/2 the time of what was his norm.  Even more than that physical change that happened with Rhett was the emotional calm that has come over him when challenged to learn something new or develop an already learned behavior a bit further.

I was so enthused with what Jeanne had been able to offer Rhett, that I had sessions done on my other 3 horses, with equally fascinating results.  My 21 yo mare, Sage, has had monthly massages for over 6 years, Jeanne found energy blocks in the exact places that the massage therapist would note Sage was sore in or bound up in.... it's been right at a month since Jeanne and Sage had their session and the massage therapist came this week and said that Sage 'felt' the best to her in most of her problem areas that she had felt her in years.....

I would and have highly recommended Jeanne to several of my horsemanship students and several have booked energy sessions with their horses with nice results.

Thank you for being my horses 'energy fairy'.  Look forward to working together again soon!!

Karen Jones, Motivational Horsemanship, Newnan GA USA 

Sessions were carried out distantly

Lacey - horse

I just wanted to take a few moments to express my sincerest Thanks and appreciation for all you have done to help my beautiful girl Lacey.

As you know at Christmas just gone we added a new member to our family, a stunning brown TB mare who we got from a local Rescue Centre. She had only been there 10 days when I fell in Love with her and went to have a ride to see how compatible we would be. Ten days later we were picking her up to take her to her new Forever home.
Lacey found herself in the rescue centre after the threat of being collected by a meat works truck if she wasn't gone from her previous home.
I am ever grateful to the wonderful ladies at the rescue centre for taking her in.

Lacey was unfortunately a very confused, lost, anxious, scared and untrusting wee soul when we got her, having on a daily basis what we fondly began calling a "Lacey Moment".... a severe over reaction bought on by either confusion and fear or an inability to trust herself to give the required response.
These "Lacey Moments” were all centered around everyday tasks such as having her legs touched, her hooves picked out. hoof oil applied, anything in a bottle or even seeing me approach with a cover in my arms.... we would initially see a confused look cross her face, before she braced herself, reared and moved away, not far but far enough for her to feel in control again.

For these reasons we went right back to basics with her. She was never malicious or aggressive during these moments of confusion; she was merely communicating her discomfort, confusion and anxiety at the situation.

Although within 8 weeks of having her we saw an incredible change in her I was continually plagued by gut feelings I just couldn't shake (despite no proof at all)
I felt she had suffered horrendously mentally, emotionally, and physically. I had a deep-set need and desire to help her let go of this trauma and the damage that continued to inflict on her.

I wanted to do this to help her heal, to help her move forward and be the incredible little horse I felt she was. I just had to unlock the mental block she clearly had. if I could bring her a little peace, I would have been satisfied!

However what I got from your healing session with her was so, so, much more! Unbelievably so! Since you began working with her I am able to handle, pick up, pick out and oil all for hooves without so much as a sideways glance, or a muscle flinch! I am ecstatic about this :-)
She has also (and this began the very next day following her session) started wanting to have itchy time, mutually grooming me while I scratch her itchy spots. She now shows me where she would like a scratch, daily engaging in mutual grooming, affection. and enjoying herself in the process.

She has become so affectionate, relaxed, calmer on a level I can’t explain she even has a peaceful look in her eyes and we have not had a "Lacey Moment" in 6 weeks now!!

I even had the lady I graze with ask me one afternoon "what's wrong with your horse, she's very calm, are you sure she isn't sick"? "This isn't right"!
This from the lady who from her first encounter with Lacey has called her "Crazy" "unpredictable" and worst of all "Dangerous". Lacey is and never has been any of these things, rather she is misunderstood by most and unfairly judged and labelled by many!
This is how I know things have actually changed, it’s not just me seeing what I want to see…. others have noticed, and all comment!

From the information you sent through from her session I have gained a much deeper understanding of my girl and an appreciation of how deep set her sadness had been, and the physiological ramifications of this.
For this and the incredible changes in Lacey I have seen take place before my very eyes I am so very incredible grateful, words can't express how much so....

You are a truly amazing women and human being, I know the healing sessions you perform must take a toll on you, but still you continue to help those others deem unable to be helped, those who have suffered greatly, that people have turned their backs on, the ill, the elderly, the hurt and broken.
The words required to express my feelings elude me but I truly, deeply, sincerely Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all you have done for my precious girl.

Maree Lathwell  - Lathwell Equine Service - Kumeu - Auckland

Sessions were carried out distantly

Freddy - horse and his person

My first introduction to Jeanne and Energyworks was when I went into google and looked for someone to do some healing work for my lovely horse Freddy.  It had been suggested as an option to me by someone and I have always been open to this approach.

Freddy was not finding doing work on the left rein easy and I knew that he was finding it physically challenging somewhere in his neck but wasn't quite sure where. I have him looked at on a regular basis by an Equine osteopath but this didn't seem to quite do the trick though it has helped with a lot of other areas in is body, so I thought right let's try this to complement the other work.

I talked with Jeanne via email and booked him in for a session. After that Jeanne discussed with me what she had found and talked a little about him as a personality - that made me laugh as she got my very opinionated but soft on the inside Freddy down to a T !

Since that one treatment he has been much better all round. I have really noticed that he is far more settled, relaxed and happy - far less 'alert' in an anxious way and we are having a great time together.

Having seen that I have had a couple of sessions on myself also which have been really helpful for me too.

Jeanne is very generous with her time and help and I am truly thankful to the universe for bringing her into our lives.

Allison B - Upper Hutt

Sessions for both Freddy and his person were carried out distantly

Two Horses

I would like to say a huge thank you to Jeanne; she has helped two of our horses, one a show jumper with head flicking and the other a racehorse which had a bad paddock accident and could not walk in behind without falling over.

Both have now recovered fully and enjoying their normal routine workouts.
With Jeanne giving us the advice and healing session I know both our horses have benefited from her sessions. We are very grateful to have come across Energy Works and will keep this as an important part of our horses overall health.

Aria Small - North Island, NZ

Sessions for both horses were carried out distantly

Leo - Cat

Not long after first adopting Leo as an adult cat, he disappeared, turning up 2 1/2 years later at the SPCA. After bringing him home for a second time, and seemingly doing all the right things to settle him in, he ran off again the first chance he got.

A neighbourhood Facebook page helped me track him down again, and I commenced a daily ritual of visiting him at the run down barn he now called home, bringing him food and gradually building up his trust in me, for 3 months.

During this time I contacted Jeanne, who worked with him on several occasions to try and overcome his fears and also his innate instinct to live a solitary life. Leo certainly seemed very content at the barn, and as he had been living wild for the majority of his life, it was a big ask to get him to change.

However with the help of healings and communications from Jeanne, the unthinkable has happened! Leo has now discovered what a great life he can have as a "house cat" - with the freedom to explore outside whenever he chooses, and then the option to return to the warmth of his home where he willingly accepts any amount of affection/cuddles/head rubs that are on offer! I didn't expect such a change in him - I would have been happy if he had wanted to continue his outdoor life and just come to our garden for his food. But he has fully welcomed an indoor/outdoor lifestyle and is such a contented, affectionate and placid cat. I really do not think we would have achieved this without Jeanne's help.

I would really recommend her to anyone having any kind of issues with their animals - she clearly has an amazing way of communicating with them, and it is so worth the extra time and effort just to help them to adjust, and find a way forward for both of you.
N.H. Cambridge

Sessions were carried out distantly and a Personal Vibrational Essence blend was supplied (see our website special)

Dawn K - Person

I would like to thank Jeanne Northwood, for her energy healing, I was so run down and had all these health problems, I got to talking with Jeanne via Facebook and I really have to say, after the one session with Jeanne, I really and truly do feel amazing.

I have never felt so alive in such a long time, it feels like I have a burst of energy that I never felt before. I know I have a long road ahead of me health wise, and I am taking it slow, but I can honestly say if it weren't for Jeanne and her energy healing, I wouldn't be able to do half the things I am doing throughout the day. I have now changed my diet, I have started doing yoga, meditating more, and using positive thoughts to make myself well, as well as get my body back into shape, and get back to being health like I was before.

I really appreciate all the work Jeanne has helped me with, and I honestly recommend her if you are needing a energy healing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Such a beautiful and amazing woman you are Jeanne. Much love n light and lots of blessings from me to you. Thank you so so much xx
D.K North Island - session was given distantly

Alexander - cat

A few days after I had left Alex at a boarding cattery for an extended stay while I was abroad, he contracted constipation for the first time in his life and was kept overnight at the vet's for observation and treatment.

Stuck miles away overseas, I was terribly worried and anxious when he was kept at the vet clinic overnight for three days in a row with the vet painting a bleak picture about his health.

That's when I contacted Jeanne and asked her to help heal Alex through energy healing. Once she began her distance healing sessions with Alex, he started getting better and was discharged from the vet clinic and brought back to the cattery. After his second session, the staff at the cattery said that he was eating and pooing normally and that he looked more cheerful and active than before.

Jeanne also prepared a bottle of a personal vibrational essence blend for him and delivered it personally to the cattery and told the staff to let her know how Alex was doing from time to time and to let her know if something went wrong with Alex. I was very touched by Jeanne's love and concern for Alex.

I felt totally at peace knowing that Alex was in good hands and thankful that I was led to the right person at the right time.

Thank you Jeanne for having been there for Alex and me when we needed someone like you most.

Nazeema - Auckland

Sessions were carried out distantly and a Personal Vibrational Essence blend was supplied (see our website special)

Tyke - Dog

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you for all the work you did on my little puppy.
He had a very rough start and almost as soon as you started working on him I noticed a huge difference in him. He seemed to have more energy and started feeding normally. He seemed to cope with the vet visits better too.
He is now a very happy wee boy. THANK YOU!!!
 I can highly recommend your services to anyone with a sick animal.

Sue - North Island

Tyke's sessions were carried out distantly


I contacted Jeanne to get help for my little cat Wolf.  Wolf had come from a stray cat colony and I adopted her as a very young kitten. She was terrified of humans, and 2 years on was still very flighty and afraid, although she had a come a long way. I could see she didn't feel 100%, and seemed to suffer from periodic watery eyes. I chose a distance energy healing session for her as she won't be picked up, let alone be put in a cage! Jeanne asked me for any information that was relevant for my little one and conducted a healing across 2 sessions.  I noticed an immediate shift in Wolf, a real softening and that fright & flight look disappeared. She seemed light, friendly and at ease. Jeanne told me she really lived up to her name and did prefer a lone Wolf lifestyle.  I really get the sense though that she lives in her own skin now and is not so much threatened by whatever has happened in her past.  Jeanne's approach is gentle and helpful and there is no doubt in my mind of the dedication she has towards animals. Thank you.

Julia - Auckland

We have also since worked with Felix - Julia's other cat.

Wolfs sessions were carried out distantly

Astra -dog

Astra  came to us at 8 weeks old, a starved and neglected puppy.  She was so timid and afraid of everything, but quickly started to trust in us.  We attended puppy kindergarten and first obedience classes to help with her socialisation.
She is now about 10 months old and I asked Jeanne for help when I realised there was something more going on with her, than just needing more training.   She had started to bark and snap at some people and dogs that we would meet on our walks.  When she became like this she would not listen to me at all and was quite unpredictable as to when and who she would do this to.
After a couple of sessions with Jeanne I noticed a change in her.  Jeanne found that Astra was holding a lot of fear, which was coming out as aggression, and she also felt she needed to protect me.  She now tends to hold herself back from situations where she doesn't feel comfortable and will come to me (if off lead) if she doesn't feel safe.  
With Jeanne's insights into Astra's behaviour I know that my reactions were also effecting her, so I have changed my tone and my actions, to let her know I am in control and I will keep her safe.
Astra still is a bit unsure in some situations but I know we can get through this so she can be the happy and confident dog she deserves to be.
I have no hesitation in recommending Jeanne to anyone who may need help with their animals, whether it be behavioural issues or illness.  

Gillian W, Whanganui. - Distant Healing session

Phoebe - cat

"Jeanne treated my nearly 16 year old cat, whose mobility has been somewhat limited lately, with discomfort / pain at times.  She started moving much easier and appears comfortable after the couple of remote energy healing treatments, personalized flower essence and after implementing other things Jeanne suggested for her.  I’m very grateful for that and I’d certainly recommend Jeanne to anyone who is looking for a natural and effective treatment with no side effects.  Beside her healing abilities, Jeanne is lovely to deal with, approachable and caring."

Tanja B, Auckland - Distant Healing session & Personalised Vibrational essence blend

L&B - People

"I have never felt better.  My motivation is back, I have done 5 days stock work on the farm and my  back isn't
 sore and my headaches have gone.  My husband  has also  been feeling really good in himself  and said his back is heaps better after his session as well - can actually get out of bed without it hurting him.   He is a happy camper.  Thank you so much for your help in getting our lives back on track"

L & B Warren - Te Kuiti  - all sessions for them were done distantly

 Camille - People

"Jeanne has been treating our son who has been quite unwell for a number of months.  He has been having issues with food/additive allergies/intolerance's and has been feeling very nauseous for months, unable to sleep properly or eat well.  

I was looking to find some Flower essence remedies to help with the tremendous fear our son had been feeling, and found Jeanne! The day the first drops arrived my son felt better immediately, he was so grateful and said 'thank Jeanne SO MUCH' :) As we have progressed with Jeanne's help he is pretty much back to his old self - chatting all the time and bouncing about the place :) It is wonderful to see.

Not only would I recommend Jeanne's  Flowers Essences, but she used various other treatments with our son.  These work, and work brilliantly.  And on a personal note I would say that Jeanne is one of the kindest, most compassionate and caring people I have met.  She certainly went out of her way to help our son and was very patient with questions from me, and also suggesting other healing modalities that may help. I would definitely recommend Jeanne and her healing hands to anyone, and our whole family thanks her from the bottom of our hearts :D "

Thank you, 

Camille North Island

Personal Vibrational Essence blend as well as distant  healing and remote land/energy check up

York - Rottweiler dog

Jeanne has been helping my Rottweiler York for  2-3 years now with amazing results.  York came to us at the age of 4.  
When he was nearly 6 he had  3 major surgeries for  a prolapsed bowel.

He recovered physically but the whole experience had scarred him emotionally.  We have travelled down the holistic path for myself and my husband and our previous pets so this boy would also.

 He is a very gentle boy and after visiting a Pet Expo in Auckland, we found Jeanne; the right person had been discovered!  York had the first group of 3 sessions and from the very first time we could tell a shift had happened to York in the morning after Jeanne had done her healing with him.  
Anyone who is thinking about this form of healing will know their pets character and personality intimately so this makes it so easy to see the shift that settles within them.   

York was so much softer, his eyes where bright his movement was better and he was happier, his depression had lifted.  That was all the proof I needed so we have continued over the years and now our boy is in a beautiful place, like heaven on earth.  Every time Jeanne helps York we know as he is  just so happy and bouncy and his body is so much stronger, his eyes sparkle, even for an 11 year old Rotti.  

Jeanne would be our first choice for any pets we may have in the future, can’t recommend Jeanne highly enough.  Happy to give a verbal reference.

Donna Kemp - Auckland

All sessions were given distantly along with vibrational essences 

Rocky & Toby - horses

I got Jeanne to work on my pony Rocky that had a hard lump on his chest bone, also to work on all his legs, as he had laminitis a few years back. Jeanne also worked energy down his whole back.
After the first session I notice a real change in his movement, he was a lot freer and also seem very happy.
After the final session, the lump had got smaller and softer, he was also able to go in with the other horses and graze with them full time.

I also had Jeanne to do some work on our TB gelding Toby for a lump on the inside of his shin, the size of a 50 cent piece, also for head shaking.
Jeanne worked energy on his leg and over his whole head and body.  After his final session you have to look very hard for the lump on shin.
He now only shakes his head when he wants his own way.

I highly recommend Jeanne.  Jeanne is very professional at what she does and a very nice lady; easy to talk to. Thank you Jeanne.

Teresa M - Blenheim

Sessions to both horses were given distantly 

 Chancy - dog

Chancy has always been a very docile and lovely dog. I took her from a foster home in July 2006 and we lived together in the south of Brazil for about 8 months until my partner and I decided to come to New Zealand. During the time she lived with us she was always happy and full of energy, she loved walking, she used to be very excited to run up and down the stairs and loved playing with water.

So when we came to NZ Chancy went to live with my mother back in Brazil in an apartment and about 2 years later my mother moved to a house with a big outside area. I noticed Chancy had a lot of changes while living with my parents and other 10 dogs. She put on weight a lot, developed hypothyroidism and was in danger of developing diabetes. Apart from her physical problems I noticed Chancy didn’t have that excitement she used to have when she was living with us. She was basically quite upset and a very lazy dog who became easily intimidated by the other dogs in the pack.
Jeanne’s help was extraordinary! She worked remotely to  clear Chancy’s chakras, such as brow, heart, sacral and especially her pancreas. No wonder Chancy was in danger of getting diabetes, her pancreas was totally out of balance. Jeanne also did a great job by checking Chancy’s organs and endocrine system. Since Chancy’s healing sessions (3) in February 2012, she has lost about 2 kilos and seems to be a more active and happier dog. Jeanne also found out that Chancy was at the bottom of the pack, that’s why she was feeling so bored and tired and did not move much from her bed. By finding out the big influence the dominant dogs had on Chancy, Jeanne could help her to find her own place in the pack.

Nowadays Chancy became more confident and has gained her personality back. I’m very happy to have my little girl feeling better and happier than before. Jeanne was an angel in her life!

Thank you Jeanne for the wonderful work you do! My little girl is so much better now. It’s admirable how you can help lives anywhere in the World! I’m very happy with Chancy’s results and have recommended you to other people in Brazil!

Antonella D. - Brazil.

All sessions were given distantly

Snow - horse

Jeanne is a very wise woman with a wide range of healing tools at her disposal. Her energy work is intuitive, clear, quick and effective. She treats every person and every animal individually and with the utmost respect. She is a kind and caring person, easy to relate too. She lives by what she believes, i.e she walks the walk and does not just talk the talk. For me, these are the attributes I require in order for me to establish the deep level of trust necessary to allow her to work with my horse Snowy who came to me with a number of issues.

Due to Jeanne's remote healing sessions he is a much happier calmer more confident boy. Several times during the time Jeanne worked on him I was able to confirm various things regarding Snowy with her.

I have been so impressed with Jeanne's Vibrational essence blends  I have purchased them as gifts for friends and I keep a bottle of her Rescue Remedy on hand. The Synergens Trauma Cream was of great help to a friend who had suffered a significant trauma to her leg.

Dannie A - Canterbury

Snow received his sessions by distant healing

Rosie - cat 

Thank you for your work with Rosie, and her remedy.  I am really happy with her progress.  She is a lot more cheerful and relaxed, less demanding.

One thing I have noticed, I was so used to it with her that I did not mention it in our correspondence, that she is no longer worried and obsessed if she spots another cat in the garden or on the fence.  She would be glued to the window for ages after, now she is more relaxed. Thank you !

Joyce L - Christchurch South Island

Rosie received  the website special of one distant session and a Personal Vibrational Essence blend

 Tigger - Horse

I have a wonderful Cleveland Bay cross gelding that was left out of work and had gone quite green, but also had lost all his confidence and trust and after 8 months of constantly hitting brick walls with our progress I found Jeanne (thank goodness.
I had ruled out all physical issues for my gelding so there was no specific reason why he should not start moving forward but the deeper we got into work the worse things seemed to be. He was 'just not right' without any obvious reason for it.
Jeanne described my gelding to me over the phone (I had not given her any details) on the first phone call and from that point I had a wonderful feeling we were onto a good thing.
She was able to remotely heal my gelding of old remembered pain and trauma and also aid him in releasing old negative memories and experiences. He can be a little bit 'Eyeore' at times as Jeanne put it which was right on the money - wallowing in old negative experiences instead of moving on and enjoying the new; she was able to help him see through this and put some effort in on his side also to make the move forward. She was also able to give us a 'trust spot' so that when things are going bad I can touch him on the neck and re-assure him that all is well and to trust my judgment, which has proven in-valuable in the last few months. We are now wonderfully bonded and he definitely trusts me
It may not seem to some people that this kind of treatment can work let alone from such a distance but I assure you that if you have a horse that just will not respond even though physically they are 100%, consider the emotional needs of the horse and give Jeanne a call. You will not regret it.
Eternally Grateful
Charlie and Tigger - Nelson NZ - All sessions were given distantly

Jenny and Chance - two Horses 

I first contacted Jeanne back in August 2010 after seeing her advert and article in a horse magazine. I also had a look at her website and decided it was worth contacting her to see if she could help.

Jeanne has worked with two of my horses so far.

The first horse Jeanne worked with was Jenny.

This horse had colic for no particular reason – no change in feed etc. I had called the vet and they also couldn’t find any particular ‘reason’ for her to have colic – and she had regular bouts of colic – some were quite mild and a couple were very bad! The vet ‘suggested’ it may be an emotional issue, maybe a stress thing, however they couldn’t tell me what I could do to help her. There wasn’t any obvious stress being placed on her – nothing had changed with her routine or feeding.

So I decided to give Jeanne’s work a try! Jeanne’s descriptions of Jenny as she worked with her remotely were very accurate. The emotions that Jenny brought forward made sense to me with what I know about Jenny’s history.

Jeanne did three sessions with Jenny. Each time I felt Jenny was getting a lot ‘stronger’ emotionally. It’s hard to explain really, but Jenny is a much more confident horse now – and she hasn’t had colic since Jeanne worked with her. Jenny was always a ‘scaredy cat’ type of horse -  it also showed in her facial expression, but now she has a very calm look and doesn’t appear to let things bother her anymore. I am very pleased I got Jeanne to work with Jenny.

Jeanne also worked with one of my other horses – Chance.

This horse has a totally different personality to Jenny – and he is quite a complex character – as I am sure Jeanne will agree.  Chance had foot issues – abscessing mainly – lots of abscessing just recently in all four feet (not all at the same time though, thankfully). Chance receives the best of hoof care as I am also a barefoot trimmer so he is trimmed regularly, so the constant abscessing was puzzling to say the least. Anyway, as I said, Chance is a complex character but he was also an orphaned foal and a lot of his issues were about the loss of his mother. 

Jeanne did fabulous work with Chance. He hasn’t abscessed since and he is a much happier horse. He definitely had anger issues before – you could see it in his facial expression and I also think sometimes he was just downright depressed! Now he is happy to be with the other horses and like Jenny his facial expression is much softer. Jeanne did two sets of three sessions (six sessions in total) with Chance because his issues were so deep seated and related right back to when he was a young foal. I was more than happy for Jeanne to do the extra three sessions as I feel it helped Chance to complete whatever he was processing at the time.

I am very pleased with the work that Jeanne has done with my horses. I would highly recommend her work and encourage horse owners to give it a go.

Suzanne Toomey - Southland NZ

All sessions were given distantly                                                                                

Dopey - Cat

I found Dopey one evening,  unable to move his hind legs; his pads were pale and cold.
He was taken to the vet where he was x-rayed and had a good check up. Upon listening to his heart a murmur was detected... this was backed up by the x-ray which showed his heart to be enlarged. A condition not common today in cats.
We took him home  that night, on a drug cocktail designed to prevent blood clots and support heart function.
The following day he was seen by a cardiac specialist, who did an ECG on him. His heart was fairly good, with the odd murmur...
He was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, this was to be treated with the same drugs as the night before, however the vet also suggested some other "alternative drugs".. so of those he is also taking Taurine, and co-enzyme q10.           
At this point I got in touch with Energy Works to have energy healings done on Dopey; he had a course of 2 hour long sessions and 2 half hour sessions.                                               
Dopey responded well to these sessions, possibly too well, as he started to beat up his brother and bring mice in the house for me within a week of his first session...                                           
He seems back to his old self now, but we have no way of telling other than another x-ray what is going on with his heart, however he was taken to the vet for a check up and his heart murmur was decidedly reduced.                   
We felt at this point he had improved enough not need further sessions, but I am glad to have the option there if needed...
It is nice to know there are people out there like Jeanne who are as "big hearted" as my cat Dopey, and care about the animals they are asked to help...                                               
Thank you for helping to give me more time with my cuddly kitty

AA South Island NZ – All of Dopey’s session were given distantly

  Lulu -  Rottweiler  Dog                                                                                                       

"The Energyworks treatment had a remarkable effect on Lulu, my five year old Rottweiler. For months after adopting her, Lulu was depressed with a 'hang-dog' air. Since she had a lovely temperament, and there was evidence of her been treated well by her earlier owners, I couldn't understand what was causing the problem.

After six months of Lulu becoming no happier, and the Vet being unable to help, in desperation I consulted Jeanne. She picked up Lulu was depressed because she feared her placement with me was temporary. This revelation made sense to me. Between leaving her breeder, and being adopted by me, Lulu had had four owners.

Jeanne had been told of my belief that Lulu's problems had arose also from a man having broken one of her ribs not long before I adopted her. This left her with a wary, aggressive attitude to men, especially heavy built, middle aged ones. She was also nervous of anyone, even a woman, wielding a broom, spade or similar. That is why I had initially thought the many weeks of pain from her rib injury had caused her depression, but as Jeanne discovered, it was the frequent changes of ownership.

Since Jeanne's Energywork treatments, Lulu is much happier. She no longer hangs her head. She is more confident, and has a healthy glossy coat."

Update on 26 January 2010

"Today a man we hadn't seen since before you gave Lulu treatment called in. The last time he came around, Lulu flattened her ears and snarled at the poor man, although he had done nothing to her. She did not know him from Adam!

This time, she approached him, cautiously but with her stub tail wagging. Eventually she even let him pat her. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes!

Jeanne, you are a miracle worker!

The change in Lulu's nature is remarkable! Your Energyworks treatment has made her a happier, friendlier and more secure dog. Thank you again."

A Fullerton, Manawatu NZ

All healing sessions were given distantly and had a Personalised Vibrational Essence blend

Rachel and Shaun - People

I wish to thank Jeanne for her help recently with both my husband and I. I had been undergoing IVF treatment, which at first was positive, then came back negative. I as such, had a 'miscarriage' which caused a lot of pain. I couldn't sleep and was crying non stop. I got to the point I did wonder if I was depressed as this is very unlike me. I had remote energy healing from Jeanne and the night following I slept; better still I was no longer crying at a drop of a hat! Life had promise again!

Part two of my tale is that my husband, who was admitted to hospital (the night of my negative test result) with a suspected brain bleed. He had spinal taps for this, which resulted in leaking of spinal fluid, and constant dizzy spells. He could only stand for about half an hour before flaking out. I had to drive him to work (we own our own business) to do the jobs that just had to be done and bring him home again. He spent a lot of days on the couch until he received remote energy healing from Jeanne again. The next day he was able to get up and do things for half a day and he has gradually improved from there.

I am looking forward to beginning the IVF again at the end of the month, and I am hoping with a bit of help from Jeanne, that we get a positive test and manage to keep it positive.

Thanks so much for your help, you are a true wonder!

 Update: Congratulations on the birth of a beautiful, healthy, baby girl on 8 October 2010!

R & S. South Island NZ.  All Healing sessions were given distantly

Patrick - Horse                                                                                      

Once again you have helped one of my horses. (see Ruby below)                                                           

Patrick arrived weary of people and not 100% happy with being caught or meeting new people. Once caught, he would be lovely and do anything that you asked, but just wasn't happy.  Jeanne worked with Patrick by distant healing session. The change in him has been amazing! To put it simply, I now have a completely different horse! Not only does Patrick walk up to us now and nicker, his eyes are now bright, he even has gotten a little bit cheeky too. Patrick melts the hearts of everyone who meets him. It is just so great to see that he now knows just how great he is. Jeanne has given me the wonderful horse that Patrick now is.

Patrick is now allowing work to be done on his feet by a male farrier! And with ease as well! This from a boy who would not let men near him in the past

Debbie,  Auckland Horse Havan - Kumeu NZ

Patrick received all of his healing sessions distantly       

Ruby - Horse                                                                                                       

My name is Debbie, and I run a haven for horses in West Auckland. I deal with horses that have troubled past's, or simply are lost and not always sure where to go to be safe and happy. Ruby came to us after been moved around a fair bit over the years. Ruby is a 17 year old Paint, Quarter Horse cross pony. Many have tried to get her happy under the saddle, but for some reason or the other, all it seemed to do was get Ruby more and more worked up and scared. What would happen next is that there would be a lot of bucking, and then she would run away shaking. Simply walking up to her in the paddock to talk with her to say 'hello' she would most likely just walk off, wanting to be left alone. Unless of course you had food with you.

I was talking with someone one night, and they said  "why don't you have a look at Jeanne's website - and that she is a really nice lady and that she might be able to help". So I did! To be honest, when looking at her website, I was still a little unsure of how this all worked! Like most people, I find it hard to believe in something that we cannot see - right? Like Remote Energy Healing?

After talking with Jeanne, who was  lovely to deal with, she began doing Remote Energy Healing with Ruby. She would tell me after each session  what they 'talked' about, and the outcome of this 'talk' One day I worked with Ruby, and she seemed more settled, and more happy to do what was asked of her. So I thought, ok, maybe Ruby is having a good day. But then, after her last session with Jeanne, it happened!

I was working in the paddock next door to where Ruby was, and she called out to me. I was taken back! I looked around to see if there was another horse close by that I had not noticed. There wasn't! Surprised, I walked over to where Ruby was, and spent some time with her. I gave her a scratch, and talked about our day, so to speak. This was all very surprising and out of the blue, as she had never acted this way before. After spending some time with her, I went back to my work, only to have Ruby follow me down the fence line as I worked.

Ruby is now a happy, confident pony, and I am so pleased with the outcome. I am yet to have her fully trained under saddle; all good things take time. I have no problem believing that Ruby will one day walk down the road, with her new rider, simply enjoying her day!

Thank you so much, from me and Ruby!

Debbie, Auckland Horse Havan - Kumeu NZ

Ruby received all of her healing sessions distantly                   

Billy - Horse                                                                                               

"Billy is a 10 year old bay gelding, who was in good health. Earlier this year, I noticed his eyelid looked 'puffy'. Following a vet visit and surgical removal it was found to be a nasty cancer, which in horses comes back aggressively. Billy was started on a veterinary regime, involving a series of injections to his eye lid area. The drug they used was a bacterium. I also started him on a natural Tumour mix, and had the kind use of a bioptron light to use.

Billy's eye lid quickly became full of pus and was very swollen. He was having it cleaned twice a day with saline and an antibiotic cream applied.

At this point I contacted Energyworks in April 09. Billy has since been having weekly distant healing sessions, which have involved energy healing and releases etc. His demeanor and personality have noticeably improved in this time, and where he had fears, there are now none. He has put on weight in places I couldn't seem to quite get 'padded' despite having him for over a year and a half. The pus and swelling have largely gone from his eye now, however he is still having his healing sessions as any sort of emotional upset seems to manifest in this area. Jeanne is teaching him how to release this anxiety, so hopefully he learns quickly!

I have found Jeanne to be lovely to work with; she has some amazing insights into my boy, which no one else is aware of and things she couldn't know without being able to heal and communicate with him.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to others. She has been kind and considerate, and the proof is evident in Billy today. He still has a long road to go down in the healing process, but I feel without Jeanne's help, the lump would have already come back as a cancer. I look forward to continue working with her to help get my boy cancer free"

Update from Rach - 24 July 09 " I had to hug the Vet tonight after she told me that she couldn't feel any cancer lumps in Billy's eye. She was impressed it didn't leave much of a scar. Hopefully this is the last we see of it now. Feel a huge weight has been lifted. Thank you so much for everything you have done for both of us"

Billy is also now back full swing into the Show circuit, and is doing very well for himself. Nov 09.

R A. Christchurch NZ.

Billy is receiving all of his healing sessions distantly.

Zena – Bouvier des Flandres dog – 12 years old

 "After the loss of her buddy Goober, Zena’s health went down quickly due to her grief. She was ripping her hair out, scratching all of the time, her skin had flared up and was hot and smelly, and her ears were also hot and smelly –  she was just so miserable! She did not want to be separated from me, and was very distressed.  I did not know how to help her recover. Drugs were not an option. After just  two visits from Jeanne, Zena was doing just so well –asking to be taken for walks, barking, and wagging her tail again. Her skin had started to clear up, and the hair starting to grow back again. Jeanne also picked up, and rectified, that Zena’s neck was ‘locked’. After treatment, she is carrying her head high again."

Kim K. Auckland NZ

Zena, received three sessions onsite at home - and one distant healing session

Zena went on to live for another three more years – happy and in a very calm state. Her skin and general health was good for her age – with only one incidence of her ‘old’ skin pattern and stress returning due to a stress trigger. This however, then cleared by itself after a couple of months, and did not re appear again. Jeanne

Mac - Horse

"Jeanne did a couple of distant healing sessions on my abused horse. This horse's past includes, wires, ropes, damaged neck muscles and mental trauma. Lets just say he carries a lot of baggage. Jeanne worked with him to release some unnecessary emotions and after each session with her, Mac would give me little signs, his little "thank you's",  -  although only small, were out of character for him and definite "softenings" within him. This boy still carries baggage; he always will, but he is more tolerant of things, and I can now remind him to "acknowledge and release" as Jeanne has taught him - this is so things don't escalate for him. We both appreciate your time and effort Jeanne, keep up the good work!"

Kelley-Anne Rasmussen  - Blenheim NZ - Animal Communicator - distant healing  sessions 

Holly - Collie Dog

" I would like to say a huge thank you to Jeanne, as without her skill I would not have been able to help my dog through her illness so well.  She helped us both by been able to communicate directly with Holly during her healing sessions on how she was feeling emotionally, often giving Holly reassurance about how much she was loved, and pep talks about getting well again. On a deeper level, I was able to find out some of my dogs emotional and physical blockages which needed to be worked on before she could evolve to her next level.

I was able to make decisions based on the feedback I was receiving, and viewing, about Holly - I could report to Jeanne when I could see progress after a Healing session. I could also feel when I was receiving a complimentary healing which was linked to Holly's treatments. I was able to have great confidence in what Jeanne was doing, and I would certainly not hesitate to call upon her skills again."

Michelle - Southland,  N.Z.                                                                           

Holly received all of her healing sessions distantly