Personal Healing

All forms of Channeled Energy Healing is Spiritual Healing.  Regardless of its title, or format. Perfect for all of the family including your animals!

Some of the many different names used for Spiritual Healing are Reiki, Prana, Ki, Wakan, God, Magnetic/Auric -

In Energy Healing , the Healer/Practitioner channels the Universal Life Energy. This can also be called Prana, Chi, Divine Source - it goes under many different titles; however, the commonality is the same: it is all Universal Life Energy.

You will find Energy Work Healing sessions to be relaxing, reducing stress, and beneficial for overall balance, health and well being, as well as addressing Emotional and Physical situations.

Emphasis will often be placed on the  Chakra system, the body's main 'Power Houses'. By keeping these Power Houses in a clear, strong and balanced state, this will allow our bodies to repair and heal itself with more ease. These Power Houses are linked to our emotional, as well as physical state, and their condition is important  for our overall health and well being!

Our animals respond exceptionally well to Energy Healing.

 Energy Healing can assist you with just some of the following;

  •     Emotional Healing
  •     Post/Prior Surgery
  •     Healing Imbalanced Energy
  •     Healing after injury or accident
  •     Stress and stress related Healing
  •     Pain management
  •     Healing to promote health and well being
  •     Relaxation
  •     Chakra Balancing for optimum health
  •     Perfect for Sports and personal injuries

I utilize a number of different modalities in my work such as Reiki, Magnetic/Auric healing, Elohim, Atlantis Rising. These may be combined as necessary in  the main session

Available for onsite or distant bookings, so location is no problem

So please explore these pages,  and check out some of my clients comments of my work for them in my Testimonial  page, and contact me if you have any questions or interests

Please note – Energy Healing should not replace your current Medication. or Treatment(s) Please consult your Vet Practitioner if you should have any concerns