About Me

So who am I?

My name is Jeanne Northwood and I AM Energy Works! And I have a huge passion for healing in a (w)holistic, natural, way.
We are in a time when taking responsibility for our health, on a holistic, or more natural way, has become so very important.
Energy medicine, as  I like to call it, is a part of that  way to our well being, as I believe in us all having options in how we heal, and how to create wellbeing in ourselves. 

I love being able to assist both people and animals with their healing journey; to move forward in their lives and to grow into their full potential as well.

So, how did I get to be doing what I do now?

My own personal health experiences, as well as those of my animals, have brought me to where I am right now, keen to help others along their way.

I refused accept the ' health labels' that were placed upon myself or my family, and to be put into a box or category.

Instead, I started to look for other options, other ways to heal ourselves in a more simpler and acceptable way to how I was feeling.  I chose to take personal responsibility for my family's health and wellbeing. I believed that healing should be simpler, safer, and more effective, and that we should have a voice in how we heal. And is was!

I have studied at many different modalities over this time; all which have helped me tremendously in my own healing. Some of these include, Reiki, Magnetic/Auric Healing, Elohim, Atlantic Rising and also extensive use of vibrational remedies, for myself, my human family and our animals. 

This brought me into developing my own natural healing products using Mother Earths own healing plants and properties. I kept these simple so that my medicine cabinet should not be overflowing again with unnecessary, and often expensive, products. These are now labelled under my Synergens brand and are developed to be used for both animal's and people. A one stop first aid kit for all. 

Been a bit of a rebel, I constantly change 'teachings' to adapt to my own free style, which is unique to the way that I now work. I am also always on the lookout to add more skills and knowledge to what I already know and do and continue to modify my work. So my healing work is very much free style nowadays. Energy shouldn't be contained under labels in my opinion.

By doing what I love, what I am truly passionate about, I hope to inspire and awaken the  health and hearts of others.

What can do I for you?

My prime objective is to offer a different approach to healing for both animals and people. This I have done by developing my own personal approach and methods in Energy Medicine -  Healing work; one that has proven to be very successful. My aim is to adjust a clients energy back into its natural balance, or restoring it to its purest form, which in turn kickstarts the body’s own natural healing mechanisms. Also helping to release locked in traumas that are stopping one from letting go and moving forward. I am able to work with all energy and this offers an unlimited potential for Healing.

I offer a different style of natural healing; one that works safely alongside orthodox treatments as well as powerful enough to stand alone. I am an energy mover, a shifter, a clearer of energy in the body and energy field,  a 'manifester', a facilitator of energy. 

How? By clearing and changing distorted/discordant/emotional energy blocks and recreating new healing energy in the body and energy fields.
I work with different types of energy to assist people and animals alike.

Tapping into this universal energy and knowledge allows me to offer this unique style of  healing to clients anywhere in the world, so location is never an issue.

This structured distance work, or remote work, is now how I perform over 95% of my healing sessions as it allows me much better access to my clients ‘blueprint’, or ‘core matrix’ as I like to call it.
My motto is to work on the issue, whether it be a physical, emotional or behavioral concern, from the core of that concern, outwards, rather than put a ‘sticking plaster’ on the symptoms. 

To be able to offer Energy Healing, and my own natural healing products to people as well as their pets and animals, to assist them where ever I can in their Healing Journey is an honour, one which I take seriously and I endeavor always to do the very best that I can with compassion, empathy and integrity.

Please explore these pages, check out some of my clients comments of my work for them in my Testimonial  page, see our ranges of what we offer in our wonderful products of healing creams and sprays, along with our vibrational remedies, and contact me if you have any questions or interests

Jeanne Northwood 


Disclaimer -"I am not a Veterinarian or Medical Practitioner.  Energy Healing is a Complimentary Healing System and should not replace your current Medical/Vet Advice and Medication. Please seek Medical Advice for any concerns"