Distant Healing work

Distant Healing for people and their animals (or remote as it is also known by)

Distant, or remote healing, can sometimes be a difficult concept to conceive. However when it comes to energy, there are no boundaries or limitations.

Distant healing is now around 95% of my healing work. I have found I have much better access to a clients energy/DNA blueprint this way, and it is ideal for those, animals and people, who cannot come to see me due to location or other reasons.

Distant healing allows all issues to be addressed, such as behavioural/emotional and physical. Distant healing  allows me to get into the deeper cellular memory/structure of the body, which is not always accessible by onsite work.

The feedback from this style of working is fantastic! (visit the testimonials to read just a few comments from clients)

Distant healing also allows me to work nationally, as well as internationally anywhere in the World.

In all honesty, the words 'Distant, or remote healing' used to make me shudder! I often felt a bit suspicious when someone offered 'distant healing', and I had a lot of questions to check for credibility such as;

"How do I know a session was done?"
" How do I know what the Healer, I paid for actually did? Did they do anything at all?"    
"How do I know this is genuine?"
 "What are you actually doing?"
  "What do I really get out of it?"

I found it a bit scary when I couldn't always get validation on these questions. I needed to see someone's website testimonials or credibility to make sure they were genuine, and that something really did take place for real.  I want what I paid for!! So I fully understand one's caution on 'distant healing'.

Learning Reiki Level11 in my budding days of 'youth' in energy work, one of the things we covered was just this, distant, or remote healing. Working off a clients photograph of their horse, animal or person, we connected with the client, and sent out healing. Often when connecting with animals, communication took place as well.

Well, I have come a long way since those early days of learning, and have, over time, perfected my own style (as I do) of working distantly. Now this is around 95% of my work!

I have clients locally in my own country of New Zealand, and  have also worked  with clients Internationally such as in the USA, Canada, Australia, Hawaii, and Great Britain. 

So location is not a problem for me. In fact it is actually more insightful and powerful than onsite work for me now. There is little interference of location, environment, or mental blocks to stop the healing process taking place. I also allows me to get into places like the back, joints, soft tissue, Atlas and sensitive or parts of the clients body/energy that cannot be worked on onsite.

So what do I actually offer you in your booked distant session?

I request a photo and an update/brief of one's concerns. For people I send our a Client form so that I can gather as much information as possible, including my clients intent for their session.  This is what I use to set for their session.

A time/day is then arranged for them to be having a quiet time, as some clients may feel the need to nod off to sleep, or they may feel the energy working with them so a calm environment is essential.

A client registration form will be sent out for more information on what you feel needs to be addressed in your session.

For animals I ask for a health update and your concerns.

I work with the clients (animal or persons) energy and their Higher Self  to oversee and guide what needs to be done in a session. Whatever takes place is always right, and safe for each client.

Every session starts with an energy clearing, then a scan of their energy/body.  And away we go! Magic time!!!! 

In every session, a full Chakra balance and endocrine balance are given.  A check of the back/spine and often a rebalance  is included as well if need be.

We can also work on organ health energy if need is there. 

Work is undertaken with the physical, emotional, (blocks and traumas) mental and energy body without causing any discomfort for my client. Animals in particular can be left in their 'safe' zone of been at home or in the paddock/environment without stress.

It is a very safe, effective way of working now for the clients highest good. You will often see  an change in your animal very quickly, perhaps a softening of the eye, or a more peaceful demeanor

After each session, an email is sent with a brief of what took place in that session.

Check out just some of my clients testimonials where most sessions have been conducted distantly

Distant healing sessions for your self or your animal;.

  • May assist in the reduction in your stress 
  • Allows access to 'inaccessible' places such as for Atlas rebalancing 
  • May assist on emotional concerns
  • Supports organ/endocrine.
  • Helps support illness and injury
  • Assists your body to kick start its  own natural healing process for any injury and/or illness
  • Helps you through times of change, or emotional stress
  • Excellent for everyone; including pregnancy and baby
  • Excellent for your Animals
  • Can be safely used alongside of your conventional medicine.
  • A Health maintenance boost for your overall well being.
  • Balance your full chakra system and endocrine system 
  • Energy and auric balancing
  • Location is no problem at all - be comfortable in your own environment! 

Distant healing sessions are available for, people,  animals and horses 

Check out just some of our clients testimonials.

Please make contact if you should have any questions.

Please note – Energy Healing should not replace your current Medication. or Treatment(s) Please consult your Vet Practitioner if you should have any concerns

Distant healing is perfect for both people and animals