Did you know...................?

Did you know?

That the ATLAS is the most important bone in the entire body, animal & human?

Did you know that it protects the spinal cord & brain functions; the balance of the entire body & the nervous system is dependent on it being correctly positioned. Balance, TMJ issues, fatigue, headaches, back issues, sinus, bad posture, head shaking in horses and gait issues are just a few of the issues that could point to the Atlas been misaligned.

The balancing, realignment & repositioning of the Atlas vertebra helps the body, both in man & animal, to find its natural state of equilibrium, & allows the body’s natural powers of self-healing & regeneration to become fully active

So how can we realign the Atlas in the event of misalignment? Its realignment has been achieved mainly with the use of sound codes. This practice has been used widely in Europe for many years, mainly with people. In some countries it has been used by the medical profession to assist patients. 

My own Atlas has been treated this way done by this method here in New Zealand.

However over the last couple of years, I have found, when working distantly in a number of  sessions (in remote healing session) and predominantly working with horses, there is a very high level of misalignments been presented. These are showing in many ways such as been unable to align the body well in working out, misplacement of feet, more highly strung than normal (normally vision issues), pain in the back, upper and lower, and sometimes gut health as well, just for starters.

I have found that in these sessions, that I can energetically realign the Atlas again with vibration of energy. This can be done to humans & other animals as well, anywhere in the World.

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