Did you know that the cells in your body react to everything in your mind?

At this time of health concerns around the globe, it is important to keep healthy and nurture that immune system. Stress is the biggest factor in bringing the health of our immune system down.

So what can you do  to help keep your immune system strong and healthy then?

Endevour to reduce your stress with a healthy lifestyle. This may consist of changing part of your diet to introduce healthier foods to include more greens and fresh food, get more rest and continue to drink lots of quality of water; ideally slightly warm if possible so that your kidneys do not over stress. AND - continue to monitor a positive mind with positive thoughts!!

Thoughts are energy too so positivity in thought = positive energy =  positivity of mind  = positivity of health . And don't forget those little adrenals plugging away silently in the back ground.   Good mental health = good adrenal health = good overall health!

Need some help getting your health back on track?

Consider a quickie Chakra Balance, or a full onsite session or distant session to help kick start that immune system and get it back into top gear.

“ When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”