Energy-Spiritual Healing

For People and  Animals

Energy-Spiritual healing has been around mankind forever, in one form or another.

It is a holistic practice that comes under many names and titles. But to put it simply, energy is energy regardless of what title we give it.

Energy-Spiritual healing is an open term for any modality or practice that involves activating the body’s energy systems to remove blocks and to restore balance on all levels. 

When energy blocks are removed or interrupted, then the body’s own healing system or inherent wisdom can begin to restore flow and create its own healing and wholeness.

Energy healing is a wonderfully, nurturing and relaxing practice, particularly in a 'hands on' session onsite. It can address  surface, and deeper issues in the body, mind, emotional, spiritual bodies and fields.  Energy healing can come under the titles of  Reiki, Elohim, Atlantis Rising, Spiritual-Energy Healing –at the end of the day it is all about energy!

You will find Energy Work healing sessions to be relaxing, reducing stress, and beneficial for overall balance, health and well being on al levels.

Acupuncture for example, has been one of the longest recognized forms of energy healing.

By understanding energy, and using it to a clients, or for own personal use, we can convert this energy into a proactive form to assist both ourselves and our animals, out of a stasis state and into a healing mode. 

We do not have to wait until we are ill or have a dis-ease within our bodes to receive healing. It is often used as a maintenance for optimum health and vitality on all levels.

Energy-Spiritual healing can be given onsite, or in a distant session. Distant or location is never a problem. Both animals and people can benefit from these options.

So, what can Energy-Spiritual healing do for you and all of your family, two and four legged?

 Energy-Spiritual Healing can assist you with just some of the following;

  •     Emotional -behavioural concerns
  •     Post/Prior Surgery
  •     Correcting Imbalanced Energy
  •     Healing after injury or accident
  •     Stress and stress related Healing
  •     Pain management
  •     Healing to promote health and well being
  •     Relaxation
  •     Chakra Balancing for optimum health
  •     Perfect for Sports and personal injuries
  •     Age related concerns
  •     General health maintenance

 I like to utilize a number of different modalities in my work such as Reiki, Magnetic/Auric healing, Elohim, Atlantis Rising. These may be combined as necessary in  the main session as I believe that energy is a free spirit and should not be limited by using it one way only, as the clients own personal energy will direct what is needed in each session.

Sessions are available onsite or distantly

They are available onsite (for people) and distantly for both people and their animals and horses anywhere in the World!

Please feel free to make contact if you have any questions.