Animal Healing


Energy Healing has been successfully used for many years for Animal Healing and with such great results. Whether you have a beloved cat or dog, a horse, cow, bird - it makes no difference what your animal is.......Energy Works!

As sentient beings, animals respond so positively and openly to Energy Healing on all levels.

They have an inbuilt 'knowing'  or 'awareness' of what is right for them. 

Emotional traumas or issues can be stored at the cellular memory level. This is ok, as we are all sentient beings and emotions are part of our day to day living.

However, if an imbalance occurs, it can trigger these emotional memories and they may become out of sync, thus creating illness, behavioral issues, self sabotage etc.

They do not allow their 'heads' to get in their way of their healing process - unlike most of us! They can often see the bigger picture, and are just wanting the ability to heal and move on - life is for living is it not?

Animals will let you know they need some help if we are open to listening to them. They will communicate with their physical health, their behaviour, and their connection with you.

Energy healing can help them in their physical concerns, as in soft tissue injury or accident, to their emotional healing from trauma, fears or past memories, to sickness and age related issues, to stress of their environment or situations.

My belief is that many behavioral and physical issues are the result of emotional issues. Our animals do feel pain, hurt, grief, anger - just like we do! They are stoic and often hide their true state so it is up to us, as their carers, to always be observant and to listen to what they are telling us. 

Our animals can sometimes even reflect back, or mirror, what may be happening in our own lives, their environment, or even the lives of those close to them, human or other animal!

Did you know that animals can also be Healers themselves. It is not uncommon for an animal to share the pain and stress of those loved ones around it, and some will even purposely take on board 'stuff' that isn't theirs, in the attempt to help heal those around it. Does your cat purr a lot when you are not feeling the best? Or does your animal comfort you when you are needing comfort?

After an energy session, we can often actually 'see' the changes in our animals after they have received healing. It may be the obvious such as the wound or injury is healed, or their behavior has had positive changes - however, there are always other subtle changes that can be seen. If they have received healing for an emotional issue(s), you may 'see' that they change physically too.

For your horse, they may start to 'round out' in the parts of their body that you have been working hard to get this  same result. There is often a flow on effect from their healings; there is certainly a contentment that their needs are been met.

Fears may disappear, and an air of change and contentment maybe seen or felt around them.

Energy Healing is effective either hands on, in the  presence of the animal, or distantly. All of these modalities are very successful and responsive for animals.

The majority of my animal healing work is now done distantly as location is often a problem. This also allows the animal to feel safe and relaxed in their own environment, with no distractions or interruptions in their lives. Ideal if they are already under stress. Working distantly also gives much better results in my opinion as it allows me deeper access into the root of the concern.

It allows better communication on all levels with your animal, not just the conscious level. This form of healing is excellent for a very timid, sensitive or aggressive animal.

No animal is too small, too large, too faraway, to receive healing!

So please explore these pages, and check out some of my clients comments of my work for them in my Testimonial  page, and contact me if you have any questions or interests


Listed below are just some of the health areas that Energy Healing can assist with;

  • Emotional Healing
  • Healing after injury, surgery or accident
  • Healing for sickness or ill health
  • Chronic and acute pain
  • Stress
  • Age related problems
  • General Health maintenance
  • Behavioral problems, new and existing

      These are just a few of the conditions that I have worked with good results:

      Cushing's disease, Laminitis and abscessing in the hoof/hooves, stress and behavioral issues, head shaking, back/head/skeletal concerns, joints, staggers, TMJ and Atlas rebalancing, digestive, repeat health issues or behavior, sudden or ongoing conditions, kidney-organ issues, physical or emotional trauma or injury. 


      “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” Anatole  

      Please note – Energy Healing should not replace your current Medication. or Treatment(s) Please consult your Vet Practitioner if you should have any concerns