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    Cat Mamas. Helping sick cats and their people feel better. Take a tour around this site if the reality of your cats health, or illness, is daunting or overwhelming for you . Dr Liz Hardy has 'been there, done that, so she understand the  emotional roller coaster of uncertainty. She was dealing first hand with cancer of her beloved cat Moofy, and shares  wonderful information on what she has learnt along the way.  Even if your animal does not have cancer, this is a 'must visit' site that will offer every visitor a wealth of down to earth information.


Pixie Plots- A very interesting and magical site to visit! Check it out - come exploring.


  Faye Rogers - Animal Communicator

Animals have much wisdom, joy & humour that they love sharing with their families.  
As an Animal Communicator I am able to receive from animals their thoughts & messages - animals do not have yes or no answers but will give in-depth answers & reasons why. People that contact me do so for various reasons and this can vary from owners wishing to know more about their animal, what their animal has to share or can be concerning behaviour, health and well-being. Sometimes I am asked to connect with an animal in spirit.  I communicate with animals worldwide.  

I have had guest appearances on NZ National News, Radio Shows, Newspapers, NZ & Overseas Magazines, also published writer sharing about  Animal Communication & Animal's Higher Consciousness; Co-host of Spirit Talk Live a weekly online spiritual development show.  

Please visit my website for more information:


  Housecall Vet - Gina Voglar Welcome to HouseCallVet.
Registered in New Zealand since 1997 Gina has actively worked as an Auckland vet with a passion for emergency medicine and after hours work, reproductive and behavioural matters.
HouseCall Vet serves greater Auckland and surrounding areas
House-call veterinary services are highly popular in large cities throughout the world. Greater Auckland is huge and not  ideal for mobile vet services but there are a  number of cases that do benefit from a house call.
Our house call services are NOT  done for unwell or sick animals.   However we do attend to:
Vaccinations - popular for busy people or where you don't have transport to a regular vet clinic.
Euthanasia - conducted in your home, peacefully, with dignity and respect.
Advice - I can recommend a vet clinic in your area if you do not have one and will happily give a second opinion on vet advice and procedural matters.
Helping you choose your new pet, matching various breed personalities with your own.
Advice on the responsibilities, care and management as a new pet owner.


       Animal Herbs and Homeopathics for naturally healthy animals. This a great site for those interested in natural healing products for their animals, and themselves too.  Situated in Waipu - they are happy to ship your itens to you. They offer herbal and homoeopathic solutions to various animal health problems. Please check this out - I am sure that you will be able to relate easily to this site and to Pat.


Hippo Natural Health

Needing Homeopathics for your animal or yourself? Then go to Hippo Health, part of the Goodings Laboratory who are the maker of  the BioPets range of products. Situated in Auckladn North Shore, they offer a great shipping service as well

I have used Hippo  Health (Fiona Lane)  for  my own animal so can vouch for them totally for great products and service.
















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