Crystal Visions Holistic Market - Silverdale - Hibiscus Coast

Saturday 16 November - 10AM to 4PM

St Johns Ambulance Hall - 36 Silverdale Road - Silverdale

I will be giving a brief talk at 11.15am on Understanding your (Spiritual) Animal

Check out this link for more information on what you can expect at the Market


Lions Club of Greenhithe presents:POOCHES IN THE PARK ~A fun day for all on Sunday 20 October - Collins Park - 10.30am to 2pm

We will be having a stand there so come on over and say hello - top up your Animal stress Blend ready for Guy Fawkes too.

 Great competitions for pooch - make it a family day for all. :-)

Lions Club of Greenhithe presents:

A fun day for all on Sunday 20 October



FRIDAY 4 OCTOBER 2013 - 7 - 10.30pm

Join us in this celebration of World Animal Day at the North Harbour Stadium Auckland for a fantastic fundraiser Event on behalf of BARK (Building Awareness aRound K9's) and HURRAH (Humane Rescue, Rehabilitation & Rehoming)
Energy Works (me) will be hosting a stand there, along with many other like minded people.
There will be a schedule of fascinating events throughout the evening as well - so pencil this is your Diary, and come along and meet everyone - and support a fantastic, worthy cause.
Tickets available through iTicket


19:15 Welcome 19:25 Richard Wilson - Parasites 19:45 Dr. Gina Voglar - Emergency veterinary care 20:05 Joseph Cecil - Preventative and wellness testing 20:25 Dr. Lyn Thompson - Canine health and nutrition 20:45 INTERMISSION 21:05 Leanne Coste - The importance of socialisation and stimulation 21:25 Bastian Groiss - Dog behaviour and human influences 21:45 Barbara McDonald - Rally obedience and NZKC canine good citizen 22:05 Angela to announce winner of silent auction 22:25 CLOSE

Expo Stalls: Stop party pill testing on animals NZ Mojo Mathers - Green Party Animal Welfare campaign K9 Doggy Deli Urban Dogs BARK NZ HURRAH Dog Rescue Canine Spirit Guardians Dog Minding Raw Essentials The K9 Way Pets and Pats Chopper's Designer Dog Wear NZ Energy Works NZ

Tickets available on this link


Crystal Visions Mini Holistic Market - Takapuna

Every Friday and Saturday

Held at Takapuna Scout Den (Taharoto Park) - Takapuna - North Shore Auckland

About:     We are a NEW small market in Takapuna offering Crystals & Readings, Reiki & Massage, Jewellery plus much more. EVERY Friday 1 to 7pm & Saturday 10am to 4pm

For more information please go to our link at Crystal Visions Mini Holistic Markets.

Energy Works will be attending this weeks Market on Saturday 10 August - between 10-4pm. Call in and check out our Natures Pharmacy Healing range of natural products - suitable for both animals and people.



 Soul Soothing Saturday - Hibiscus Centre of Expanded Awareness

Saturday 27 April 2013

41 Waiora Road - Stanmore Bay - Auckland Hibiscus Coast between 10.00am - 4.00pm

 Energy Works will have a stand there with our Synergens Natural Healing products; the Gentle Heal & Trauma Heal range, plus two new products that have not even been listed here on our site as yet. These are the Body Heal lotion, and the Gentle Skin, as well as our special Bach Flower Blends .

Our product range is suitable for your animals as well as people.

Our prices will be one off SHOW SPECIAL PRICES - not available on our website

An opportunity to take some time out from the daily stresses and explore different forms of healing, Spiritual insight to assist and guide you, plus beautiful Jewellery and a variety of great products to help you create your own sanctuary/healing space at home.

$2 coin entry

*Mediums/ Clairvoyants
*Spiritual Healing
*Aura Cleansing
*Energy Blends - Natural Healing products

Come soothe your soul while supporting your local spiritual Centres.
Tea, Coffee and Cake available
A great opportunity to meet likeminded friendly people in your community.
Everyone is welcome


Northland Natural Horsemanship Games 2013

Sunday 7 April 2013

Barge Showgrounds - Whangarei

Once again Energy Works are a proud sponsor of the Northland Natural Horsemanship Games 2013, been held in Whangarei on 7 April 2013.

We attended the very first launch of the Games back on 2011 with our presence and a stand promoting the launch of our new Synergens range of Natural Healing products; it seemed a fitting way to do this.

Other committments have meant that we were unable to put in our physical faces in 2012 Games, and the same will be for this year too.

However, as always, we will be there in Spirit, we are happy once again to be a Sponsor for this type of wonderful Event, and will be donating some of our fantastic products including a Healing Voucher as well as prizes.

Hoping that you can attend this fantastic fun day; it really it worhth making a note in your diary.

For further information please check out their page - Northland Natural Horsemanship Games 2013


  Hibiscus Centre - Stanmore Bay  - Auckland

21 August 2012.

Attended as their Guest Speaker for the night and spoke about the Energy and our Animals.

Had a fantastic evening, with wonderful interaction with the audience regarding their questions and interests in their animals.

Thank you for the invitation!


  Pet Expo Auckland 2012                                                                                                                                                                      

We have decided not to host a stand this year at the 2012 Pet Expo at the North Shore Event Cetnre on 25-26 August 2012.

However, we will be having our 'in demand' Animal Stress Blend on a Sapphire Cat Rescue Stand instead - Stand 71.

We will be donating $5.00 to the Sapphire Cat Rescue Centre from each bottle that we sell - so lent your support by visiting us and purchasing a bottle , or two, of this fantastic product!

There will be a raffle, giveaways, and Tonnie the wonder Water cat!

So please call in and see us.


SPCA - Guest Speaker at the Cat Coalition Meeting 26 February 2012


 Energy Works  received a personal invitation from Mr Bob Kerridge of the Auckland SPCA to attend the Cat Coalition meeting to present our Synergens Animal Stress blend. He had heard feedback from the Cat Rescue Centres of their success in using this product with their cats. So that is where we will be on he 26 February 2012

Well - that was a very successful and exciting meeting! We presented our information to about 30-35 people there , including Mr Kerridge. We sold a lot of our product there as well, with much interest. We donated some stock to the SPCA for their own use, and there is a great interest in using this with their animals too. Lovely people! Cool!!! 


Hibiscus Spiritualist Centre FUNdraiser 

Saturday 12 November 2011 10.00 - 3.00pm

Location : Stanmore Bay Community Hall - Waiora Rd, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparoa, Auckland

Energy Works will have a stand there, selling our Synergens range of Healing products, Bach Flower blends and our Atlantis Pure Isis oil - all at show SPECIAL prices.

A great opportunity to have a reading or some wonderful healing for as little as 0 for 15- 20 minute exchange.

A number of wonderfully gifted readers and healers available .
Healing practices available are Reiki, BodyTalk, Energy and Spiritual healing.
Crystals, Synergen products (that's us - Energy Works Synergen Healing range :-), hand crafted jewellery and other goodies for sale.
Tea, coffee and baked goods available
Sure to be a fun, high energy day!! Come and visit - will be a great FUN day.

We had a great day - meet some wonderful new people, caught up with some wonderful old friends! Looking forward to the next event!



Wellbeing Wednesdays at The Sanctuary

Wellbeing Wednesdays are held once a month at The Sanctuary in Red Beach Hibiscus Coast Auckland.

These evenings are for a limited number of people only, normally about 25 at a time, to enable everyone to be able to have a 'taste' of what is on offer.

Tickets need to be pre purchased for a fantastic rate of $20.00. This entry ticket enables the purchaser to sample a wonderful range of different Healing modalities, have readings done, have fun with great company, receive some TLC for YOU, sample and purchase beautiful products like organic, NZ made Swiss chocolate, Buffalo cheese,which are both divine, our Synergens range, crystals. and other goodies. This is an interactive night where you can meet wonderful like minded people as well.

Times 7 - 9pm


Last one for this year -  23 November 2011

Book your tickets now at


read the write up by Fiona Lemmon  about this wonderful first night  here


Pet and Animal Expo 2011

 August 27-28 2011

Well, another fantastic time at the Pet Expo this year! Had a fabulous time sharing the Energy Works stand  with Kelley-Anne Rasmussen, NZ's own Animal Communicator.

Our new Synergens range was a great hit! I was very impressed how well it was received by all there. Interest was shown by several retail business's as well.


The new Bach blend of Equine Stress blend went exceptionally well - although most of it went to Dog owners who need those extra essences that this blend carries.


Almost came home with a little black pig that I fell in love with on Saturday, hiding out the back in perhaps 'time out'. I was trying to work out how I could slip out with it on Sunday if I saw it again, but I think that the piggy's person must have been suspicious because I didn't see pig anywhere! Shame!


No Free Prize Draw this year, but we did give an awful lot of FREE smiles away though! And we received even more back. Met some interesting people with interesting pets. Loved the rats!!! (the animals - not the people). Mini horses, dogs in every size, shape and colour. Puss cats in hiding. Heard birds but didn't see them.


A great weekend in all. I hope that everyone who attended enjoyed themselves


Northland Horsemanship Games  Sunday 10 April 2011


Energy Works was proud to be a Sponsor for  the Northland Horsemanship Games on 10 April at Barge Showgrounds, Maunu Road, Whangarei. We were also hosting a Stand at the event as well, selling our Bach Flower essences and blends, and the first of our new Synergen Healing products.

There were On Ground games, On horseback games, horseless games (for spectators),displays from advanced students playing with horses to music and two inspirational demos from Russell Higgins and his horses . There is something for everyone, horse owners and non owners.


For more information please go to


check out the above link to view some photos of the Games


Energy Works donated a $60.00 Equine Healing voucher, three product discount vouchers, gift packs of Bach Flower blends and Synergen products, as well as printed "I Love my Horse" coffee cups, pens and key rings


An absolutely fabulous day at the Northland Horsemanship Games!!! What a turn out! The demonstrations were fantastic, as were the games and the sheer fun that was had!


Our stand was busy and the new Synergens range of products were a hit!  We tested the Gentle Heal range on a lovely little dog's tummy that was driving it nutty due to an intense itch, and a few dry and itchy skins of people as well! A lot of interest in this range for the use of that rampant nuisance, mud fever!!!!


The Trauma Heal range got a wonderful test run on many peoples backs and legs; amazing the sore bodies out there! We even had a couple of horses pay us a visit, and we used the Trauma spray and the Trauma cream to help them with their sore backs!


Photo below of our site - humble as it was - it was home for the day and was very comfortable. Great neighours, and very close to the coffee and BBQ sites.





Pet and Animal Expo 2010   

September 18-19 2010

(We will also be at the Pet and Animal Expo 2011 - August 27-28 - Stand 24)

Energy Works hosted a stand at the annual Pet and Animal Expo, 18-19 September 2010, held at the North Shore Events Centre.

Our stand was manned (or woman-ned) by myself and Kelley-Anne Rasmussen, NZ's own Animal Communicator.Working with Energy Works for several hours on the Saturday was Niki Wright-Jackman,  from Zengal Creations, who specialises solely as a Cat Talker.


We offered FREE (have to love that word) Prize Draw - no strings attached, consisting of an Energy Works Healing Voucher, Animal Communication Voucher and Himalayan Crystal Salt from Kelley-Anne, Cat Talking Voucher from Niki, products from Pat  from Animal Herbs and Homeopathics, plus more. (please see links page for contacts)


We found some people were a bit sceptic when we were telling them that there were no strings attached, that we would not be selling their details, phoning them (unless they were the winner of course!!!) or emailing them etc.

Some I don't think believed us and would not enter.We were just giving this away for the joy of it -all of us work purely from the heart, so it felt right to be able to give something away with good heart intent - which is what we did. Trent Bennett from Auckland was the winner of this pack, so hopefully his dog and two cats will enjoy the benefits of this prize! Congratulations Trent!


To make sure that everything was done professionally, we asked Chris from Happy Pawes, who was manning the stand next to us, to make the draw!


It was a great weekend for meeting other like minded people, and to talk about their animals.I was also amazing just how many lovely people have re home animals. Perhaps 70 - 80% of visitors to our stand had taken in these animals, to love and to nurture. Thank you for doing this!!  As a person who has had four re home Bouvier's, and several cats, I know it is not an easy task to take in an animal that someone has already 'molded'. Often there are many ongoing issues that need sorting out, emotional and physical. The Bach Flower Animal Stress blend flew out the door during the Expo. Some were going to be used for the animal AND the person! Ah - the wonderful joys of sharing our lives with these magnificent, loving, often humbling creatures. God did well when he molded them all!

Our wonderful stand- the photo does not do it proper justice








We will be hosting a stall at the Pet and Animal Expo 2011 - August 27-28 - Stand 24

To be held at the North Shore Event Centre Auckland

Pencil in those dates and come and see us! Weekend specials!




 Big Horse Day Out

September 4 2010

Auckland Horse Havan had a Big Horse Day Out at the Henderson Pony Club grounds, West Auckland. Energy Works hosted a stand here for the day.

There were regular displays given, including Bill Noble. There were stands supplying information regarding Equine Dentistry, Equissage, and several others.


It was a great day out for all! I even learnt the correct way to fit a saddle, and the importance that teeth and misalignment can have on our horses mouths of course, but also their TMJ and poll, and neck etc.


Energy Works donated a $150.00 voucher for Animal-Equine Healing



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