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Your choice of Healing modality, or let us choose the perfect blend of Energies for you

We offer your choice of Reiki, Magnetic/Auric Healing, Elohim Healing, Atlantis Rising, plus Energy Healing. These are all 'Complete' modalities on their own.

We are also able to combine these modailites in a session to offer you the best type of Healing for your personal requirements.

Our bodies are designed in nature to self heal themselves. The Practitioner acts solely as a channel for the Universal Life Energy, to assist your body to 'remember' its Healing capabilities.

These are just some of the benefits of a  Healing session;

  •     stress and emotional relief,
  •     pain relief,
  •     an increase of your overall  energy,
  •     enhance the function of your endocrine system
  •     rebalancing, align and clear of your energy chakra centres,
  •     bring elaxation and stress relief for you,
  •     general rejuvenation and a wonderful feeling of well-being.
  •     removing any blockages in your Energy field to promote optimum healing and health.

This type of Healing is also available remotely - please see Remote Healing

All Healing sessions include an Energy Clearing, Chakra rebalancing and a full energy balance.

Please note – Energy Healing should not replace your current Medication. or Treatment(s) Please consult your Vet Practitioner if you should have any concerns


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