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An easy convenient, effective way to maintain your Chakra health and balance. Location is no problem

An easy and effective way to look after yourself during these challenging and uncertain times. Lockdown? No problem.

You can enjoy a distant Chakra balance in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Everyone can benefit from chakra balancing. You do not need to be suffering from an illness to have your chakras balanced, realigned or healed.
However, chakra balancing will be particularly helpful to those who are experiencing physical or emotional stress and instability. It will also help those who may feel disconnected from themselves or others.

Physical and emotional stress can all be reflected in your Chakra energy system.
When our energy system is out of balance our overall health, mental, physical and emotional can be affected.
In these cases, one or more of our Chakras may be spinning too slow, or too fast or be congested so that it is not functioning as well.
A healthy flowing Chakra system is essential for optimum physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing

This session is for full distant Chakra Balance only.
It does not cover general or specific healing or any other healing work.
Location is no problem.

What I need:
All that is required is your name, DOB, location and ideally a photo.

What you receive:
In a distant Chakra Balancing Session, the flow of energy in your Chakra system is checked, and where necessary, blockages are removed, and the energy flow is restored to all of the Chakra system creating a full and balance alignment.

After each session, a brief email report is sent out to you highlighting any areas that required extra attention.
An information sheet on each chakras purpose is also sent to you at the same time for your general information.





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