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A luscious and refreshing full balancing spray mist for a complete balance of your energy layers and chakras.

Chakra Balance Spray Mist 118ml

A light blissfully refreashing, yet powerful, balancing and nurturing mist to spray through your energy field,  around your body, on your washable clothing or in your environment in preparation for meditation.

By balancing our chakras we can create harmony and balance of our body, soul, mind and spirit. When we awaken and balance our chakras, we unleash the potential to live a rich and vibrant life. Mist your body from head to toe as desired or use as a room spray. Ideal to use before a meditation, doing yoga or simply when you feel the need to rebalance your energy centres.

Use also as a room, building or car spray to refresh and balance the energy within.

(avoid spraying your eyes)

Made up in a natural spring water base and containing 31 organic essential oils  of cedarwood, ylang ylang,  patchouli, sandalwood, jasmine, petitgrain, sage, amyris, rosewood, lavender, sweet orange, vetiver, black pepper, frankincense, myrrh, bergamot, rose maroc, melissa true, cyprus, neroli, eucalyptus, fir balsam, spruce black, chamomile roman, chamomile german, lime, lemon, rosemary, clove bud, juniper berry and everlasting, plus a range of powerful plant and flower essences.

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