NZ Organic Lavender oil 15ml

NZ Organic Lavender oil 15ml

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Receiver of Supreme Oils Award 2021

NZ home grown and produced in the beautiful Taranaki region, this beautiful, pure organic oil has been grown and produced in small batches with love. Made from Grosso lavender. Made in small batches with love and care infused into every bottle, distilled in the  traditional way.

It is proving to be very popular with my customers.

Lavender oil is well known for its antiseptic , antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, just for starters. Can be applied directly to the skin for concerns such as minor burns, cuts, cold sores, pimples, insect bites.....the list is endless for this magical oil.

Pure lavender oil is one of the magical ingredients in my Gentle Heal cream.

Its fragrance alone can help with stress or anxiety, and perfect for assistance with sleep, either by applying a drop or two to the pulse point or on your pillow. 

I use lavender oil everyday in my home for my own personal use - my all time favourite at the start my day, and again at the end my busy day as well.

Its potential is unlimited, and it is a must for every household.