Horse Healing session - distantly

Horse Healing session - distantly

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Distant (remote) Healing session connecting to your horse to offer combination of modalities to assist in it's health and well being

A structured Distant/Remote Healing is an excellent choice for your horse. This enables us to access your horse in its own safe environment, in any location Worldwide.

This session may be just a one off- or be a follow on from previous work.

All Healing sessions include an Energy Clearing, Chakra rebalancing and a full energy balance.

Working remotely, we are able to connect and communicate with your horse to help it with any behavioral or physical issues that it may have. offering a blend of modalities, to bring around positive and optimum changes.

We are able to work on cellular memory clearing and reprogramming, which will assist your horse to move forward from its current state of health. We are also able to access its physical body to locate and assist it to correct any issues with structure such as TMJ issues, spine  and also soft tissue.

Listed below are just some of the health areas that Energy Healing can assist with;

  •         Emotional Healing
  •         Healing after injury or accident
  •         Healing for sickness or ill health
  •         Chronic and acute pain
  •         Stress
  •         Age related problems
  •         General Health maintenance
  •         Can assist with detection  in back issues & complaints
  •         Behavioral problems, new and existing

Please contact us for any further enquiries.

 Please note – Energy Healing should not replace your current Medication. or Treatment(s) Please consult your Vet/Medical Practitioner if you should have any concerns