Atlantis Pure

Atlantis Pure

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Atlantis Pure Isis oil - an unique blend of exotic oils to create the perfect 'feminine ' energy of now

Atlantis Pure is the perfect blend of essential oils of the Divine feminine energy and balance vibrations. 
Atlantis Pure is an exquisite, 'complete' blend of exotic essential oils in an organic jojoba oil base. (note; essential oils are not organic)

This is the pure energy blend from Isis that was channeled directly after a weekend of Atlantis Rising Healing induction! A totally unique creation.

Use directly on your Chakra points, pulse points, rub through your hands prior to Healing sessions, for your Goddess work, or just as a divine, perfectly balanced fragrance.

Use it to connect with your Higher vibration and connection in meditation, healing or just for your own nurturing of your Divine feminine self..

It is a beautiful blend of spice and floral. A 'complete' fragrance, giving the sense of Oneness for the Goddess within us all!

It is in a 15ml slow dripulator bottle. Note - bottle colour and shape may differ from actual picture,  however it is the same quantity