Energy balance

Energy  Balance Mist spray is a powerful range that is made to specifically target and assist with clearing and cleansing, releasing and balancing of blocked, discordant/negative in your environement, energy field and in your own cellular body

Assists to clear energies from health damaging Geopathic stress, EMF (Electromagnetic fields), negative emotional, mental and psychic energies, and unbalanced  or discordant earth energies.

The combination of the Energy Balance and the Chakra Balance create a  perfect combination for optimum health, harmony and full balance; for all environments and circumstances.

Sometimes exposure to Geo Stress, EMF’s or any long term discordant/harmful energies can affect our affect overall physical and mental, as well as emotional health and well being.

These energies can make you feel unbalanced, more sensitive to your environment and food etc, depressed, anxious, tired, run down and unwell in general to name just a few of their effects. Ideal for all environmentally challenged areas within one’s home, work place and personal energy space.

This is perfect for people and animals, bringing, balance, cleansing and energising to one’s space and place.

Energy Balance Spray Mist – for use in your own personal energy field, your animals or your environment.
Energy Balance Flower Essence blend – taken internally until finished, this compliments the Spray in assisting your physical  body to release, clear and balance all discordant or negative energy that has been entrapped within the body cell structure. Safe for your animals use as well for their health well being.
Made from 31 organic essentials oils and a powerful blend of flower and plants essences.


Follow on or repeat remote healing session for the same client (animal or person)
A beautiful and powerful Mist spray for cleansing and clearing your energy and your environments
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