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 Interested in stocking our Synergens natural healing range of products, suitable for both animal and people?

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*  Flower Essences

Bach Flower Essences were first fully developed by Dr Edward Bach, a noted Homeopath, in the 1930’s. There are 38 Remedies that are used, and they all have a role to play.
Dr Bach had developed this new approach to Healing by using the 'vibrational' energy of  flowers and plants. Thus 'Flower Essences' were developed.
Bach Flower essences are specifically formulated to help both animals and people.

There are now many other Flower and Plant essences used Worldwide, as well as the original Bach Essences. I use the Bach range, Australian Bush Flowers, NZ's own New Perception plus more........

Our range covers Treatment bottles of;

Our Personalised Blend can be made specifically for yourself, your family, or your animal; perfect to suit everyone's personal needs at this time right now.

Stock bottles available on request

We are also happy to make up any special order  that you request.

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  Atlantis Pure

Atlantis Pure essential oil blend - channelled Divine oil of Isis bringing in the feminine energy of the Now! This beautiful oil blend has  a perfect, balanced fragrance.

It is ideal for your own personal use, to assist in healing of others as well as yourself, by connecting you to the Divine Feminine energy of this time right now.

Please contact us for any further information.



  Synergens Natures Heal range

Synergens is our own unique, natural healing range; using natures choice of herbal and plant infused oils and extracts, essential oils and  Flower essences - giving a total (W)Holistic healing experience.

Sourcing the best natural New Zealand ingrediants, to make up a unique range of natural products for all of the family, and your animals as well. The same product is able to be used safetly for alls

This range covers all soft tissue, nerve, tendon, muscle situations, as well as all skin concerns, for both your animal and you and your family.

These have been specifically developed to be able to be used by animal and people alike - same product for all of the family.

Safe, gentle, and healing yet highly effective, for everyone of all ages.

Keeping healing simple - and affordable.

Please contact us for any further information.








Chakra Balance












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