Trauma Heal Cream 50ml

Trauma Heal Cream 50ml0
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Natural Holistic Trauma Heal cream for both animals and people

Trauma Heal is a concentrated blend that is made specifically for any trauma or injury to muscle and soft tissues. Whether it be bruising, a sprain or strain, over exertion to muscles, damage to ligaments, tendons and all soft tissues. Safe for human and animal use.

Perfect for sports people, joggers, or just to have for daily injuries and pain.

Ideal too for horses at the paddock, for shows, trekking etc where muscle strain or injury may occur. (perfect for the rider as well). Perfect for the over use of our bodies in sport and recreation.

This range is excellent for acute and chronic conditions

The Trauma Heal range may also bring some comfort and relief from Fibromyalgia, RSI and similar dis-orders.

Please note that the Natures Trauma Heal is not a 'heat' product - warmth is generated when using the cream; however, we have kept the 'warming' agents low so that this can be used safety, and comfortably, on our animals as well. It is ideal for the more delicate skin as well.

The range is designed for effective healing the soft tissues - which will bring its own relief. The properties within this range may give a mild analgesic to the injury site - bringing quick relief.

Anti inflammatory, pain relieving, and healing.

Can assist with nerve pain and sciatica.

The Trauma Heal range contains a concentrated blend of 7 infused plant and herbal oils and extracts, essential oils and Bach Flower essences. Easy and convenient to use on yourself, your family, your pets or your horse, giving a Holistic treatment.

The Trauma range contains Arnica - do not use on broken skin.

Natures Trauma Heal cream for muscle & soft tissue can be used as a follow on from the spray, or use it alone.  Rub gently into sore muscles,  bruises or injury sites. This cream is in a Vitamin E base which is easily and readily absorbed into the skin with ease - bringing with it quick relief and healing.

Lightweight, non greasy and easy to use. Keep it in your tack box, sports bag, travel gear, backpack, first aid kit.

Please note that this is not a 'heat' product - warmth is generated when using this cream; however, we have kept the 'warming' agent low so that this can be safetly, and comfortably, used on our animals as well. It is a concentrated product that rubs in well - just a little goes a long way.


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