Gentle Heal Spray 100ml

Gentle Heal Spray 100ml0
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Natural Holistic Gentle Heal Spray from Natures cupboard - perfect for both animals and people

Natures Gentle Heal spray for Wound & Skin  is perfect for immediate response first aid treatment, as well as ongoing treatment too. Portable, convenient and easy to use.

The Gentle Heal range is a concentrated blend of 8 infused plant and herbal oils and extracts, essential oils and Bach Flower essences - giving a Holistic Healing treatment.

It also has the added bonus of natural insect/fly repellent oils in the blend to ensure that the injury/wound stays as clean as possible.

Lightweight and convenient in its use. Gentle and easy to use for all of the family, as well as the family pets and equine.

Keep it in the tack box for those paddock and travel scrapes and problems. Perfect for first aid kits, in the kitchen, sports bags, in the car, for traveling, in your pets travel  equipment. Carry with you on picnics or events for the children as well.

Spray directly onto the skin/wound. Non residual, dries on the skin quickly, and is absorbed gently into the skin or open wound, promoting rapid healing. The spray is perfect to get into those nooks and crannies of a wound that can be hard to get a cream into, or on difficult to reach places that you cannot apply cream too. Ideal for animals paws, and for wherever a situation is difficult, or not recommended, to actually touch the skin.

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