Gentle Heal Cream 50gm

Gentle Heal Cream 50gm0
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Natural Holistic Healing cream made from natures cupboard, suitable for both animals and people

The  Gentle Heal range is a concentrated blend of 8 infused plant and herbal oils and extracts, essential oils and Flower essences - giving a total Holistic Healing treatment in one easy cream application.

This  50gm pot of magical cream is known by clients as the 'Magic cream' as it seems to help heal everything that it is applied too.............

It also has the added bonus of natural insect/fly repellent oils in the blend to ensure that the injury/wound stays as clean as possible.

Lightweight and convenient in its use. Gentle and easy to use for all of the family, as well as the family pets and equine.

Clean the wound or injury site gently. Apply Gentle Heal cream to open wounds, skin abrasions insect and animal bites, itching and general skin irritations, cuts, and eczema.

This cream is in a Vitamin E base which is easily and readily absorbed into the skin with ease - bringing with it quick relief and healing.

Gentle Heal is soothing on the skin, promoting gentle healing rapidly. It is a concentrated product and rubs in well - just a little goes a long way.

Perfect for all of the family, equine and pets.

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