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Animal Stress Blend - perfect for all animals at any time of stress or change in their lives.

The perfect blend of flower essences to assist all animals in time of stress.

Our Animal Stress blend treatment bottle is our most popular of all of our vibrationsal essence blend

Animals are sentient, just as we are, and often  will feel stress very easily, even if they do not outwardly show it at times. They may picked this up from us as we deal with some personal issues, or their environment (new people or animals in the home), from travel, or from outside stimuli, such as fireworks, noise, earthquakes etc. Ill health can also trigger higher stress levels.

This blend is in a Rescue Remedy base that we have added some extra essences to create this unique blend. Gentle, non addictive and suitable fo rall animals, and people as well.

Excellent for moving home, fireworks or thunder, stress related times like visits to the Vet, grief, travel, additions or changes to their environment.

Easy to use, add at food, to water or directly onto their skin for rapid results.

This blend is made in a natural spring water base with 5ml of brandy as the added preservativre. The preservative can be replaced on request by natural plant glycerine.  Please request this on your order. (note - shelf life will be shorter and not ideal to place directly onto the skin)


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