Magnetic-auric healing

What is Magnetic/Auric Healing?

Magnetic/Auric Healing is the clearing and the realignment of the Magnetic or Auric energy field that surrounds our physical body.

Mr Colin Lambert, from Waihi, New Zealand,  re-discovered this form of Healing in the 1960’s, and went on to promote this form of Healing Worldwide, with great success and excellent results. Suitable for all of the family including your animals

These are just some of the benefits of a Magnetic /Auric Healing session;

  •     Stress and emotional relief
  •     Pain relief,
  •     An increase of your overall  energy,
  •     Rebalancing of your energy chakra centres,
  •     Relaxation for you,
  •     General rejuvenation and a wonderful feeling of well-being.
  •     Removing any blockages in your Energy field to promote optimum healing and health.
  • This modality is a ''complete' modality in itself, and stands alone as an excellent modality of Healing - on all levels. It can also be incorporated into other modalities as well.

It is also an excellent form of Healing for any blood related issues or disorders.

Available onsite or remotely.

Please note – Energy Healing should not replace your current Medication. or Treatment(s) Please consult your Vet Practitioner if you should have any concerns




*WEBSITE SPECIAL* of One Remote Healing session for animal or person, plus a 25ml treatment Personal Essence blend - normal price would be $145.00 - freight is extra
Follow on or repeat remote healing session for the same client (animal or person)
Your choice of Healing modality, or let us choose the perfect blend of Energies for you
A wonderful way to recieve a full Healing session if you are unable to attend personally due to location or lifestyle.
Personal Onsite Healing for person
An easy convenient, effective way to maintain your Chakra health and balance. Location is no problem
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