Flower and plant essences

What are Flower Essences?     

Bach Flower Essences were first fully developed by Dr Edward Bach, a noted Homeopath, in the 1930’s. There are 38 Remedies that are used, and they all have a role to play.

Dr Bach had developed this new approach to Healing by using the 'vibrational' energy of  flowers and plants. Thus 'Flower Essences' were developed.

Bach Flower essences are specifically formulated to help both animals and people.

There are now many other Flower and Plant essences used Worldwide, as well as the original Bach Essences. I use many different types of Flower Essences in my Treatment bottles, as well as some that I have made myself.

Dr Bach had developed this new approach to Healing by using the 'vibrational' energy of  flowers and plants. Thus 'Flower Essences' were developed.

Flower  and Plant essences are specifically formulated to help animals and people.

Once thought as an alternative medicine,  Flower and Plant Essences are in fact a complimentary medicine. They work well with all other forms of treatment, whether it is mainstream Western Medicine or other natural therapies. Their healing works on a very subtle, gentle level.

Everyday emotions such as fear, grief, anger, worry, anxiety, stress etc are known to be able to deplete our bodies of vital its Energy.

Over time, our bodies can lose it's natural resistance to dis-ease, rendering us susceptible to illness and infections.

 Flower remedies allow for peace and balance to return to our body, thus allowing it to be free to heal itself.

I use the following Essences  in my Personal Blends are:

NZ New Millenium essences, NZ' First Light, Australian Bush Essences and now our NEW Whale and Dolphin Essences 

Flower and Plant  Essences are often able to work on the root cause, at the deepest level, to assist in the gentle release of all that no longer serves us at that particular time.

Our animals and pets are also fully capable of experiencing similar emotional issues. Animals, from our cats and dogs, right through to our equine friends, also respond greatly to  Flower Essences.

Flower and Plant essences have been used successfully to assist us on own healing journey, on a very gentle, subtle, yet successful level.

Response time can be as little as the next day, or 3-4 months down the track, just depending on how deep seated the emotional issues are.

These Remedies can be used alone, or with other forms of medication or Healing.

Flower and Plant Essences are safe for ourselves, our animals, our children, even our babies. They work on a 'vibrational' level, and do not need to be administered onto the mucus membrane at all. They can be given orally, either directly from the dropper, or mixed with water or juice etc, put on food, or they can be given directly onto the skin.


Equine Stress Blend - the perfect blend for your horse, made specifially to cater for the many issues common in our horses
Animal Stress Blend - perfect for all animals at any time of stress or change in their lives.
Rescue Sleep Remedy is perfect to assist in achieving that perfect nights sleep, naturally
Rescue Remedy - perfect for all of the family - a must for your First Aid Kit
Stress Blend - perfect for all of the family in times of stress, naturally
A Personal Blend made specifically for you or your animals needs using flower, plant, dolphin and whale essences
*WEBSITE SPECIAL* of One Remote Healing session for animal or person, plus a 25ml treatment Personal Essence blend - normal price would be $145.00 - freight is extra
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