Dolphin and whale essences

NEW!!!!!!     I am now using some of Erik Pelhams (UK based) Dolphin & Whale Essences. I have chosen a guided select range that will resonate with the people of this land and ocean

These essences are "Master Energies"

The dolphins are the 'Love Beings' of these two, supporting us in a most practical and loving way, and they align with the feminine side of life. 
The whales are the 'Power Beings' supporting us in a most energetic, strenghtening and direct way, and align with the masculine side of life.
We are entering a 'New Age', and it is the wish of the dolphins and whales themselves to link very closely with us to help us to improve life on earth, and solve the myriad of problems that the human race has created. These essences are a potent and practical way to link with the different species of dolphins and whales both for our own quality of life, and to help our whole planet .They are our brothers and sisters in the ocean and they understand us intuitively very well, and research work with these essences in Japan has shown, that with the help of these essences dolphins and whales make personal relationships with us as good friends. Like a good partner they love and support us beautifully in our life on earth and help to provide solutions to our many problems.


A Personal Blend made specifically for you or your animals needs using flower, plant, dolphin and whale essences
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