Atlantis rising

Atlantis Rising energy is a very loving, gentle, but powerful higher vibrational energy that helps us all to link back to the colours of the Rainbow energy, the playfulness of the Dolphin energy, the pure essence of the Crystals, the wonder of the Cosmic energy, and with the Source Of All That Is.

This wonderful, pure Healing energy will also assist you to remember 'who you really are' and  reconnect you with your true inner self. A 'stand alone' modality.

Through this wonderful, relaxing and peaceful Atlantis Rising Healing energy, you will feel your Oneness with all!

Your Animals will also benefit greatly from receiving this beautiful, powerful, yet relaxing vibration of Atlantis Rising Healing Energy.

Please note – Energy Healing should not replace your current Medication. or Treatment(s) Please consult your Doctor if you should have any concerns

Atlantis Pure was developed  from Atlantis Rising Healing.

It is the special blend of perfect oils channelled directly from Isis, bringing in the perfect balance and  harmony and vibration of the feminine energy of Now!

The Isis oil is al about this new energy that we are in right now.

Use this oil in your own healing,  to assist with the healing of others or just to connect to the strenght, balance and total harmony of the feminine energy that we are now in.


Atlantis Pure Isis oil - an unique blend of exotic oils to create the perfect 'feminine ' energy of now
Your choice of Healing modality, or let us choose the perfect blend of Energies for you
A wonderful way to recieve a full Healing session if you are unable to attend personally due to location or lifestyle.
Personal Onsite Healing for person
Follow on or repeat remote healing session for the same client (animal or person)
*WEBSITE SPECIAL* of One Remote Healing session for animal or person, plus a 25ml treatment Personal Essence blend - normal price would be $145.00 - freight is extra
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