Animal-horse healing

Energy Healing in all of its forms, has been successfully used for many years for Animal and Horse Healing and with such great results. Whether you have a beloved cat or dog, a horse, cow, bird - it makes no difference what your animal is.......Energy Works!

Animals are sentient Beings, although their emotions do differ from our own. However this does not stop them from experiencing dis-ease just as we do.

They may present differently through behavioural changes, or an ongoing illness or injury that doesn't respond to conventional treatment.

Many behavioural issues experienced by our animals, horses and pets can be addressed at the time of Healing.

From the physical, as in soft tissue injury or accident, to emotional healing from trauma or past memories, to sickness and age related issues, to stress of their environment or situations.

My belief is that most behavioural and physical issues are the result of emotional stress, whether they be current, or an old emotional issues that has been triggered..

Listed below are just some of the health areas that Energy Healing can assist with;

  •     Emotional Healing
  •     Healing after injury or accident
  •     Healing for sickness or ill health
  •     Chronic and acute pain
  •     Stress
  •     Age related problems
  •     General Health maintenance
  •     Behavioural problems, new and existing
  •     Energy and chakra balancing

Available onsite or remotely. ( may incur travel costs for onsite session work)

These are just a few of the conditions that I have worked with good results: Cushings, Laminitus and abscessing in the hoof/hooves, stress and behavioural issues, head shaking, back/head/skeletal concerns,  joints, TMJ and Atlas rebalancing, digestive, repeat health issues or behaviour, sudden or ongoing conditions, kidney-organ issues, physcal or emotionla trauma......

Please note – Energy Healing should not replace your current Medication. or Treatment(s) Please consult your Vet Practitioner if you should have any concerns


All Healing sessions carried out remotely for animal or people
Remote Healing session for all animals, particularly cats, dogs and horses
Remote Healing session connecting to your horse to offer combination of modalitles to assist in it's health and well being
*WEBSITE SPECIAL* of One Remote Healing session for animal or person, plus a 25ml treatment Personal Essence blend - normal price would be $145.00 - freight is extra
Follow on or repeat remote healing session for the same client (animal or person)
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