Spiritual Healing

All forms of Channeled Energy Healing is Spiritual Healing.  Regardless of its title, or format.

Some of the many different names for Spiritual Healing are Reiki, Pranic, Ki, Wakan, God, Magnetic/Auric - 

It is still Spiritual Healing.

In Spiritual Healing , the Healer/Practitioner channels the Universal Life Energy. This can also be called Prana, Chi, Divine Source - it goes under many different titles; however, the commonality is the same: it is still Universal Life Energy.

The Practitioner is a conduit only for the Universal Healing Energy; they are not the Healer - You are!

Our bodies are designed in nature to self heal themselves. The Practitioner acts solely as a channel for the Universal Life Energy, to assist your body to 'remember' its Healing capabilities.

Spiritual Healing does not hold to any Religion or belief.

It is available to Everyone!   

As in all forms of Energy Healing - the Healer is purely the Facilitator!

During a Healing session, we are guided by Spiritual Guidance and Intuition to where the Healing Energy is needed the most - which may differ to where the actual physical complaint may be!  

The Healing that is been given  is often the Healing that the receiver is needing at that particular time. We keep  'one's head' out of the equation - and allow the Healing to be received by yourself for the your Highest good - always!  

As with  all Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing is a wonderful , peaceful and relaxing modality 


A Spiritual Healing session is approx one hour - and can be incorporated into other Energy Healing  sessions with ease



To book a session please follow this link - or for further information please contact us - thank you!.



Please note – Energy Healing should not replace your current Medication. or Treatment(s) Please consult your Medical Practitioner if you should have any concerns

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