We offer the following services - please contact us  for further information on any of the following, or to book a session.

All Healing Modalities offered here are Complimentary to other types of Healing and medication(s).

Please note that we do' not ' diagnose' during any Healing session. 


* Personal Healing

Energy Healing is a wonderful way to obtain, and maintain optimum health and well being - it includes Remote Energy Healing,Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki,Magnetic/Auric Healing, Energy Work Healing, Elohin Healing and Spiritual Healing. Energy Healing is Complementary to orthodox medicines and practices



  Horse Healing

As all horse people will know, horses are very dear, and close, to our hearts. Our beloved horses respond so well to Energy Work Healing, including Remote Emotional Release for Animals, Reiki, Bach Flowers remedies,  Remote Energy healing 


* Animal Healing

Energy Healing has been successfully used for many years for Animal Healing and with such great results - it includes Remote Emotional Release for Animals, Remote Energy Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki and Energy Work Healing



 * Remote Emotional Release healing

-for animals and people

Our beloved Pets and Animals can often manifest physical illness or injury that defies other forms of Healing. Perhaps they are displaying an unusual behaviour? Or an injury or illness is not responding to conventional forms of medicine and treatment? 

By connecting Remotely with your Animal, I am often able to assist them to acknowledge and release any emotional links or issues that is preventing them from Healing and moving forward. 



* Flower and Plant Essences 

~ for animals and people  

Once thought of as an alternative medicine, Bach Flower Essences are in fact a complimentary medicine. They work well with all other forms of treatment, whether it is mainstream Western Medicine or other natural therapies. Their Healing is on a very subtle, gentle level.

They work on the Emotional level to promote Healing on all levels. A Personal Flower Essence Remedy can be made  especially for you or your animal, including a written report on the Remedies used in your Personal blend and what they will work on for you.

  'Rescue  Remedy 'and  Sleep Remedy' are also available in 25ml dropper bottles

  Animal Stress Blend is available in 25 ml dropper bottles



* Atlantis Rising Healing

Atlantis Rising Healing Energy is now here! This new 'old' healing energy offers a higher, gentle, and pure vibrational healing energy that will allow us to heal on all levels, to integrate ourselves with the new energies that are now coming in, to assist you to remember 'who you are' and to reconnect you with your inner self with ease and grace.

Allow this higher vibrational healing energy to link you back to the Rainbow and Dolphin energy, the essences of the crystals, the energy of the Cosmic, and to the Source Of All That Is!


* Energy Work Healings

On site Energy Healing for animals and people.

An ideal Healing  modality is a Hands On Energy session. This could be Reiki Healing,Spiritual Healing, or a combination of all modalities - depending on your personal needs for yourself and/or your animal at the time. 


* Magnetic Auric Healing

The Aura is a field of Electromagnetic Energy that surrounds all life forms; people, animals, plants etc.

Magnetic /Auriic Healing is a system of Energy Healing that uses high vibrational energy channelled through the Practitioners hands to clear  and assist Healing of the receiver's Energy field 


* Reiki

~ for animals and people

Reiki works on all levels of Healing; the physical level emotional level and the spiritual level, for the optimum Healing benefit of the receiver. It is non invasive, gentle, and often wonderfully relaxing and peaceful.



* Remote Energy Healing

~ for animals and people

For People and Animals that are unable to receive physical Healing due to location or circumstances etc, I am able to offer to 'tune into' them and offer Remote Healing this way. It is just as effective as an actual Hands On Healing session




* Synergens Healing products

~ for animals and people

We have developed and produced our own unique range of natural healing creams and sprays - suitable for both man and beast!Using locally and NZ sourced natural ingrediants where possible, this range is safe for all of the family, including your  animals as well.

Keeping healing simple, naturally!

for wholesale inquiries please contact us




* Spiritual Healing

~ for animals and people

All forms of Channelled Energy Healing is Spiritual Healing. As with all Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing is a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing Healing modality.

*  Elohim Healing

~ for animals and people

Elohim healing is based on sequence. That is, this modality will work on a sequence of actions.
As the sequence, it can be used successfully in all forms dis-ease, whether mental or physical, emotional or spiritual.
Elohim is a combination of different modalities and channeled healing energy.
This modality also incorporates working on the Blueprint Template and working one of the Sacred Geometry symbols within your energy field.


Disclaimer -"I am not a Veterinarian or Medical Practitioner.  Energy Healing is a Complimentary Healing System and should not replace your current Medical/Vet Advice and Medication. Please seek Medical Advice for any concerns"    



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