Remote Emotional Release

This modality is very effective  for both animals as well as people

Remote Emotional Release!  What is it? It sounds a little 'out there' doesn’t it?
We are ALL sentient Beings. Animals and people alike. We are constantly recording our day to day lives into our energy field as well as our memories. A little like our technical computor systems that we use in our daily lives.
As in our technology, sometimes our 'programming' or ‘memory’ can get a 'glitch'; something that doesn’t process properly and seems to disappear into the background of our computor system. This is common – particularly when it concerns emotional memory. Often these glitches go unnoticed. However, over time little warning lights come on that something isn’t quite right, that something is causing some inner programming issues. These signals that something is happening can show in our health or emotional/behavioural wellbeing. As sentient beings, we too are like our day to day technological systems that we use. We too get glitches and malfunctions as well. When they surface for attention, we call them 'dis-ease'.
Left untouched or uncleared, these glitches, or dis-ease can manifest into full blown concerns that can no longer be overlooked. These glitches can be 'retriggered' by minor events in our lives, and often surface to manifest into our physical bodies.
In my healing work, I find that most glitches can be triggered or reactivated by trauma, environment or even emotional ancestral lineage (passed down genetically through parental bloodlines) They often manifest into dis ease in the physical body resulting in physical sickness or concerns in the body, emotional and behavioural issues.
These can show as disease of the body, wounds and injuries failing to heal, illness failing to respond to any allopathic or holistic care, emotional issues surface for no apparent reason; behaviour or mannerisms change.
These are normally able to be recognised as they will often fail to respond to any outside input.
Sometimes, the reason that conventional medicine no longer seems effective is that the issue concerned - the one that just won't go away -  is a result of an emotional glitch that an animal or person may be 'holding' in their energy, which in turn is stored in their cellular memory. a little bit like patterning. I tend to relate this to a computor virus; something that is stored quietly in the system until it finally starts to grow, then causes corruption in the file, or hardware (cell memory).
This emotional issue of trauma could be a result of some trauma in their lifetime at a very early age – particularly so in rescue animals or animals that have not been handled with sensitivity and care when they were young. This may have managed to stay hidden within until now, buried deep within the very cell memory structure - or it can be emotionally genetic - passed down, often through the mother lineage.
As sentients Beings, we all carry some patterning or 'corrupt files'. It is only when there is an overload, or more triggers, that a problem may start to become problematic as these memories/emotions tilt the scales and become more unbalanced.
Animals can display this dis-ease, by a sudden change of behaviour, personality or health. They may also fail to respond to traditional or conventional treatment.
Scientists are now working on the discovery of the effect that emotions have on our very cell structure; how it effects our overall health, and its relationship to dis-ease and illness.
Our animals, just like people, can also able to ‘take on board’ the issues of their loved ones.  How many times have we known people to become ill – then ‘coincidentally’, their pet also becomes ill, and in some cases, may even have the same illness as their Person? Their love is so unconditional, that they try to ‘protect’ their loved ones by trying to take the hurts away from us
So how do I assist you or your animal?
I assist by connecting remotely with you or your animal through a photograph and conduct a structured healing session.
I am able to work on the cellular and energetic memory, and to give structured work with the intent to release anything that is perhaps standing in the way of moving forward with one's health, body and mind.
If dis-ease (injury or illness etc) is present in their physical body this would also be addressed in the session, and if need be, work with re programming cellular memory where possible and bringing them back into a positive state of health. Healing is an ongoing process for most of us - just working through each layer as it presents itself.






Animals respond exceptionally well to this form of healing, due to their innate interest in healing, and moving on with their lives. Remote healing allows the animal to remain within their home comfort zone, thus eliminating stress of transporting to an unfamiliar environment for treatment.
This form of healing is also great for those animals and people that are more isolated in their location as well, such as in a rural location or internationally around the World. 
Extra healing energy is also sent to them over and above their structured main session.

Each animal (or persons) session is entirely different. Each client is assessed individually on what their particular needs are at that time and no two sessions are ever the same.

A session can cover both emotional and physical needs, depending on what comes up in that session and what the animal or person needs at that particular time.
The results speak for themselves.
(please see some of our Testimonials

During the sessions, any physical issue of concern will also receive Healing.
All sessions include a general maintenance as well; rebalancing the full chakra system as well as balancing and aligning the endocrine system.
Contact is made after each individual session by email to advise you of what took place within the session.

Remote Emotional Release Healing greatly compliments and accelerates any and all types of physical Healing. Energy healing works in a complementary form with any other orthodox treatment and/or medication.

Special: We also offer a one off remote Healing session, for animal or person, followed by a Personal Flower Essence blend.
see  Flower & Plant Essences for more information on this special 

These are just a few of the conditions that I have worked with very good results: Cushing’s, Laminitis and abscessing in the hoof/hooves, stress and behavioural issues, head shaking, back/head/skeletal concerns, joints, TMJ and Atlas rebalancing, digestive, repeat health issues or behaviour, sudden or ongoing conditions, kidney-organ issues, physical or emotional trauma or injury......

Please note that communication with your animal is for the purpose of the Healing session, and we will not 'ask' them general questions for information that does not relate to their Healing session, or instruct them of requests to follow. To book a session please follow this link - or for further information please contact us - thank you!.  

Please note – Energy Healing should not replace your animals or your own current Medication. or Treatment(s) Please consult your Health or Vet practitioner in the first instance.



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