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Interested in stocking our Synergens natural healing products, that are suitable for both animals and people? Then please contact us directly for more information.





* Vibrational Essences

Bach Flower Essences were first fully developed by Dr Edward Bach, a noted Homeopath, in the 1930’s. There are 38 Remedies that are used, and they all have a role to play.
Dr Bach had developed this new approach to Healing by using the 'vibrational' energy of  flowers and plants. Thus 'Flower Essences' were developed.
Bach Flower essences are specifically formulated to help both animals and people.

I use many other Vibrational/Flower and Plant essences in my products.  Along with the original Bach Essences. I also use Australian Bush Flowers, New Millenium, First Light, hte new  Dolphin & Whale essneces, along with our own essences that are made directly onsite. 

Our range covers Treatment bottles of;

Our 25ml Personalised Blends are made specifically for yourself, your family, or your animal; perfect to suit everyone's personal needs at this time right now. These Personalised blends allow a off blend to be made to be made for our clients, tailored for one's  individual needs. These can help on the deeper level with stress, anxiety, habits and behaviourlal concens, health and general well being.

 We are also happy to make up any special order that you request.

Contact us for more information.



  Atlantis Pure

Atlantis Pure  exotic essential oil blend - channelled from Isis to bring  in the feminine energy of the Now! This beautiful oil blend has  a perfect, balanced fragrance.

It is ideal for your own personal use, to assist in healing of others as well as yourself, by connecting you to the Divine Feminine energy of this time right now.

Please contact us for any further information.







  Synergens Natures Heal range

Synergens is our own unique, natural healing range; using natures choice of herbal and plant infused oils and extracts, essential oils and  Flower essences - giving a total (W)Holistic healing experience.

These products are often referred to as 'magic' by clients as they seem to 'adapt' themselves for what the client is requiring them for, bringing great results,

Sourcing the best natural New Zealand ingrediants, to make up a unique range of natural products for all of the family, and your animals as well. The same product is able to be used by both animals and people, making them ideal in anyones first aid kit.

This rang of magic products cover all soft tissue, nerve, tendon, muscle situations, as well as all skin concerns such as the excema range, ithchs, burns, irritations, sores and cuts; just to name a few.

They are perfect for both your animal and you and your family. Hand made with love and care.

Safe, gentle, and healing yet highly effective, for everyone of all ages.

Keeping healing simple - and affordable.

Please contact us for any further information.



* Energy Balance 

Energy Balance range has been made to specifically target and assist with clearing and cleansing, releasing and balancing of blocked, discordant/negative energies from health damaging Geopathic stress, EMF (Electromagnetic fields), negative emotional, mental and psychic energies, and unbalanced  or discordant earth energies.

Sometimes exposure to Geo Stress, EMF’s or any long term discordant/harmful energies can affect our affect overall physical and mental, as well as emotional health and well being.

Available in Spray Mist bottle for your personal space and environment, plus a 25ml treatment bottle of the same Vibrational essences to assist clearing and healing on the cellular level within your body if one has been exposed to discordant energies  where it may be affecting ones health. Perfect for people and also their animals.



* Chakra Balance

Chakra Balance is a blissfull range of products to help to bring balance, health and harmony to our overall health and well being, on all levels. 

Chakras are the energy/power points throughout the body. The main chakras known to most are along the central meridian/spinal column of the body. These are known as the Major Chakras. There are literally hundreds of minor chakras throughout the rest of our body. Everyone has them, including our animals, birds and many other life forms.

They are the Powerhouses that enable our body's to function at its optimum best level - if maintained well.

Our Chakra Balance Mist spray and Massage oil are made up of organic essential oils and is ideal as a body spray mist for both yourself and your animals.


* Other Goodies

Organic Flea Repellent

Please note: this product is not made by Energy Works, however we are happy to be a distributor for this wonderful natural product after using it ourselves on our own animals.

A Bio-Gro organic certified NZ made Flea repellant  and pet cologne oil available in a 50ml dropper bottle.

A blend of pure natural oils including Neem and Pyrethrum plus other essential oils that fleas hate. All in a handy bottle with dropper top. 
















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