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Energy is the pure, Universal Life Force in all living creatures. From the simple insect - to the animals - to our own selves. Plants, rocks and crystals - even the air we breathe is Energy!  Everything is energy and energy is everything! Simple!

The chair that you are sitting on? That is Energy too! We are all pure energy ourselves! Energy is something that we often take for granted but is the fundamental life force of everything we know! Without Energy - Life would cease to exist.

Universal Life Force Energy can be acessed and re directed to bring one's Mind, Body and Soul back into harmony, balance and well being in the way of healing. Every one can access this to some extent.

Energy Works is all about using this Energy to its maximum potential - working with the greatest intent - for the greatest cause - to bring about balance and harmony in line for the Healing on all levels:  the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We all have the capability to heal - and we all have the right to heal -  Energy Medicine can assit with this.

Energy can be used to assist both people and animals with our healing in many different forms;  in forms of modalities such as through Reiki, Magnetic/Auric work, Spiritual Healing; the energy and vibration of plants and flowers as in Flower & Plant Essences, and the use of plant healing properties such as oils and extracts, plus crystals - so many ways are available to us when the intention is honest, clear and heart felt.

Walking by the ocean, or in our wonderful forest and native environment, or just 'being' can be healing for us. Healing does not need to be complicated. My motto is to "just keep it simple". Life can be complicated enough as it is.

So please feel free to browse though my site, and ask any questions that you may have.

If this all looks a bit scary and unfamiliar, then please check out some of my clients comments and experiences in their dealings with me and what I offer.

Check out also our page of listings for Animal Rescue and Rehome Centres too. These Centres can offer you some very valuable help and information regarding your animal.

And while you are cruising through our pages, check out our Links page as well. There are some wonderful people listed in there that have a very genuine care for you and the well being of your animals.

Happy cruising, and thanks again for dropping in.

Please contact us if you should have any questions or inquiries. 

 Disclaimer -"I am not a Veterinarian or Medical Practitioner.  Energy Healing is a Complimentary Healing System and should not replace your current Medical/Vet Advice and Medication. Please seek Medical Advice for any concerns"                                                                        

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