Synergens Flower & Plant Essence Remedies

For Animal and Personal Healing

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What are Flower and Plant Essences?  

Flower essences, essentially, are liquid energetic remedies that are a concentrated energetic infusion of flower or plant material in water.   

Bach Flower Essences were first discovered and fully developed by Dr Edward Bach, a noted Homeopath, in the 1930’s. There are 38 Remedies that are used, and they all have a role to play in our emotional wellbeing.

Dr Bach had developed this new approach to Healing by using the 'vibrational' energy of  flowers and plants. Thus 'Flower Essences' were developed.

Flower essences are specifically formulated to help both animals and people.

Once thought as an alternative medicine, Flower Essences are in fact a complimentary medicine. They work well with all other forms of treatment, whether it is mainstream Western Medicine or other natural therapies. Their healing works on a very subtle, gentle level.

Everyday emotions such as fear, grief, anger, worry, anxiety, stress etc are known to be able to deplete our bodies of vital it's Energy.

Over time, our bodies can lose it's natural resistance to dis-ease, rendering us susceptible to illness and infections.

Bach Flower remedies allow for peace and balance to return to our body, thus allowing it to be free to heal itself.

 Flower Essences are often able to work on the root cause, at the deepest level, to assist in the gentle release of all that no longer serves us at that particular time.

Our animals and pets are also fully capable of experiencing similar emotional issues. Animals, from our cats and dogs, right through to our equine friends, also respond greatly to  Flower Essences.

Flower Essences have been used successfully to assist us on own healing journey, on a very gentle, subtle, yet successful level.

Response time can be as little as the next day, or 3-4 months down the track, just depending on how deep seated the emotional issues are.

These Remedies can be used alone, or with other forms of medication or Healing.

Flower Essences are safe for ourselves, our animals, our children, even our babies. They work on a 'vibrational' level, and do not need to be administered onto the mucus membrane at all. They can be given orally, either directly from the dropper, or mixed with water or juice etc, put on food, or they can be given directly onto the skin .

We use a number of different Flower Essences, from Bach, Australian Bush essences, New Perception essences plus others.

 Rescue Remedy.  is the most well known of all of the Bach remediesThis is not a single essence, but a combination of five individual essences;  Rock Rose for terror and panic, Impatiens for irritation and impatience, Clematis for inattentiveness, Star of Bethlehem for shock and Cherry Plum for irrational thoughts.

 Rescue Sleep Remedy is the same base as Rescue Remedy, but has the added essence of White Chestnut to help still those busy, niggly unwanted thoughts that creep into our minds when we are endeavouring to get into that peaceful, rest stage.Good for children as well, although due to the alcohol stabiliser, I recommend to put drops on the soles of their feet. This can be made in a natural glycerine base if wishing to give this orally to them

 Personalised Flower Remedy Blend is an individually made personal Flower Remedy that is made specifically for yourself or your animal with what you are needing at this particular time right now -  to assist you with Healing on all levels. A Remedy may contain up to 8 or more different essences, depending on the need at that time. These often achieve excellent results in allowing the client to take a gentle step forward in their healing process

For your animal, we are able to work directly off their energy signature off a photo The photo should just contain a picture of them; any age is fine..

For a person, a signature is ideal to use - but a emailed photo also is fine if time is of an issue. Ideal for adults and children alike.

A full written report, detailing the contents of your Personal Flower Essence Remedy,or that of your horse or pet,  is supplied.

Rescue Remedy and Sleep Rescue are also available in 25ml bottles.

Also used are the Australian Flower Essences, New Perception New Zealand, New Millenium, Whale and Dolphin, and some of the First Light NZ Essences.

If you require more information on a particular essence, for yourself or for your animal, we are happy once again to help with this too.

Bailey the Akita taking his  Flower essence blend!

Smart dog!!!



Stress Blend for People

This a wonderful blend of Flower Essences to assist with  stressful and difficult times in our lives. Whether they may be the day to day stress of work, exams dental or Doctor visits, moving home, children upsets or over tiredness, to the more individual stress of anxiety and panic.

Can be taken in the mouth, on the skin, or a few drops in your drinking water bottle for assistance throughout your day.

Made up in a 25ml dropper bottle with a small amount of alcohol as a preservative.

For dosage in children and babies; apply directly to the skin instead of orally.

Equine Stress Blend 

A unique blend of Flower essences     developed specifically for your horse and some of the issue that tend to be specifically 'horse'! !

In a Rescue Remedy base, this blend has an added 6 other flower essences to assist your horse in times of stress, anxiety and disharmony.

Equine Stress blend may assist your horse with issues of separation, floating, stress, fears, nervousness, pre show nerves and tensions, changes of environment and other times of difficulties.

Easy to administer. A drop or two on food or water, or directly onto their skin. You can also place a drop or two on the palm of your hand and rub it gently over their nostrils/muzzle/ears for easy absorption into their skin. Do not rub it into your hands first otherwise you will get the dose - and not your animal!

Keep it handy in your Grooming kit, in the float or glove box of your car

*see below for storage instructions t

   Animal Stress Blend

A perfect blend for your animal for Guy Fawkes, to assist them to cope with the Fireworks, or at any stressful time for them. Easy to administer will  great results - place on their food, in their water or directly onto the skin/paws/ears etc with ease!

Used with great success with Cat Rescue Centres

If you are travelling with you pet over the holidays, or perhaps boarding your animal in a cattery or kennel, this blend will assist them to adjust to these changes more easily.

If you are moving house, or for any stressful time or occasion for your animal, this blend will assist there also.

Fireworks and Guy Fawkes time is an excellent time to give this to your animals - starting perhaps a week before the event to keep them in a calmer state of mind.

This blend can also assist cats spraying in the home when the situation is stress related, for known, or unknown reasons, and with some travel sickness in cats and dogs.

A mix of extra essences, added to Rescue Remedy as the base, this blend will help your animal to adjust to stress, fears, shock, changes, adjustments etc in their day to day lives or for unusual situations.

Other essences can be added on request or inquiry. Schleranthus is ideal for animals, and people, that suffer from motion/travel sickness.

Available in 25 ml dropper bottle. This can be made up with a vegetable glycerine base instead of the alcohol. Shelf life is shorter with this option.

 WEB SPECIAL - Remote Healing with Personalised Remedy for Animals or People

With your Personalised Remedy,  or that of your pet/animal, we are now able to offer you one Remote Healing session to assistance in your/their healing process.

This Remote Healing session would be given first, to start the healing process. The Personalised Remedy would then be made several days after this session, to give optimum results.

Please note - all remedies are made with a small amount of alcohol that acts as a preservative. Remedies can be made without the alcohol on request. Shelf life in refrigerator will be approx four to six weeks.

Glycerin (vegetable base ) can be used also in lieu of alcohol. Shelf life will be shorter for glycerine based remedies.

Please ensure that you request a non alcohol (glycerin) based remedy at the time of Consultaion or order.

Storage for your Vibrational Essences should be out of sunlight, away from heat and strong odours. A cool dark place is recommended to keep the integrity of your Remedy

Please contact us  for any further information on these Flower Essence Remedies, and for more information on pricing for multiple items, plus postage overseas














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