Energy Work Healings

Hands on Energy Healing for People and Animals

A wonderful , relaxing Healing modality is a Hands On  Healing session. This can be, Reiki, Elohim, Atlantis Rising, Spiritual & Energy Healing, or a combination of all modalities – depending on what is required at the time for the individual or animal.

You will find Energy Work Healing sessions to be relaxing, reducing stress, and beneficial for overall balance, health and well being, as well as addressing Emotional and Physical situations.

Emphasis may be placed on the Chakra system, the body's main 'Power Houses'. By keeping these Power Houses in a strong balanced state, this will allow our bodies to repair and heal itself with more ease. These Power Houses are linked to our emotional, as well as physical state, and their condition is important  for our overall health and well being!

By maintaining a healthy Chakra system, your body is better able to initiate its own Healing responses.

Your main Chakra system is also linked with your endochrine system. Your endochrine system assists greatly in maintaining your overall, health keeping your body running at its most optimum level. 

Our bodies are fully capable of self healing - if we allow it to do so. Our often busy and stressful lifestyles can interfere with our bodies natural healing.

Energy Healing  can assist greatly with a Person's/Animals natural Healing process, and general well being, on all levels.

Our Animals respond beautifully to all forms of Energy Healing.

Energy Healing is Complimentary to medications and orthodox/other Healing  modalities. 

The intention with all Healing Work is that it is offered with an open heart and the purest of intentions for the receiver - man or beast!


Please note – Energy Healing should not replace your current Medication. or Treatment(s) Please consult your Medical Practitioner if you should have any concerns





To book a session please follow this link - or for further information please contact us - thank you!.

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