Elohim Healing

Elohim healing was first used by Nigel Collis in New Zealand, in 2000. It is a channeled modality that was given to him in meditation.

Elohim healing is based on sequence. That is, this modality will work on a sequence of actions.

As the sequence, it can be used successfully in all forms dis-ease, whether mental or physical, emotional or spiritual.

Elohim is a combination of different modalities and channeled healing energy, combined together at their best, to create this new modality.

This modality also incorporates working on the Blueprint Template and working of the Sacred Geometry symbols within your energy field.

Although this is a sequencial session - other Healing modalities can also be incorporated into this session -

Some of the benefits you may receive from an Elohim Healing session are:

  •         Reduction in your stress
  •         Restores balance to your Body, Mind and Spirit and Soul!
  •         Assists your body to kick start its natural Healing process for any injury and/or illness
  •         Helps you through times of change, or emotional stress
  •         Brings balance into all bodies;emotional, spiritual, mental and physical
  •         Can be used in Animals Healing as well
  •         Can be safely used alongside of your conventional medicine.
  •         Assists in your recovery from surgery
  •         A Health maintenance boost for your overall well being.

Available onsite or remotely.

For animals - this modality is recommended to be carried out remotely for best results.

To book a session please follow this link to our Shop - or for further information please contact us - thank you!.

Please note – Energy Healing should not replace your current Medication. or Treatment(s) Please consult your Vet Practitioner if you should have any concerns


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