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Jeanne, can you tell us a bit about yourself .
I have always had animals and always had a special way with them.  I seem to attract those that needed special care.  I love all animals, but horses have a special place in my heart.  I always spent time in nature than with people in my youth; I still do. Nature holds a special energy for me; it uplifts me and keeps me in balance, as I am very sensitive to energy of environment, people and surroundings.

Most of my animals have been rescue or rehomed ones, all with their own emotional baggage and issues.
Through my own health issues and those of my animals, I looked holistically at other options of health care as the ‘norm’ wasn’t working well for us.
These animals have all taught me lessons along the way. My current aged cat, Benjamin, is my Teacher and Healer; he has taught me great knowledge about animal’s energy and how they are affected, and utilise, energy of their environment for the health and well being.
So I incorporate all of this knowledge in my Healing work as well.

What do you do and what led you to your chosen line of work?
I started as most Energy workers do, learning energy work such as Magnetic/Auric Healing and Reiki, plus more complementary modalities.. The Reiki Course that I did was for Equine & Animals, and by this time it became clear that I seemed to attract clients with emotional trauma/issues. By this I mean that they are not ‘upset’, but that they hold or carry emotional trauma (as we all do) at much deeper cellular level, which has affected their behaviour or health wellbeing.

I was badly injured while working onsite with a horse, so ended up by doing more remote healing work. I found this worked so much better than the onsite work, mainly due to the fact that I could get better access to the animal or person’s energy and cell memory, particularly in the spine and organs of the body. I was getting fantastic results working this way.  This is now 99% of my work.
It allows me to work internationally as well. Location is never a problem.

One case study had me working remotely with Billy the horse. He had been diagnosed with an aggressive eye cancer, with not a good prognosis. So I was working on his cellular memory/trauma that created this dis-ease, and clearing and reprogramming this memory. Billy has now gone onto been the top Show boy that he always wanted to be. Cancer has completely been cleared. He also changed physically in appearance, as well as emotionally, due to releasing so much emotional baggage from his body.

It is important at this stage to understand that ‘Healing’ is not always about ‘curing’, it is sometimes about just clearing  the emotional obstruction to allow the client that inner heartfelt peace.

I truly love working with energy, and working with the energy of flower essences is heavily incorporated into my work. I use a range of essences, sometimes making my own, or if an essence/vibration is not available, I will connect with that vibration of what is needed and infuse that into the blend. Flower essences work on the subtle level, but are also very powerful in their healing. Animals respond fantastically to their use, as well as people.
One client had agoraphobia, which was upsetting the relationship between her and her daughter.
Within a week of starting a Personal flower essence remedy (made intuitively for her) she left the house and attended her daughter’s prize giving event at her school.

I manufacture and supply my own range of all natural Healing products, under the Synergens label. These include natural creams and sprays, which are totally suitable for use with yourself and all of your animals. These use NZ natural plant oils and extracts, essential oils and flower essences. They are truly magic!
Included under the Synergens umbrella, is our flower essence stress blends, a simple ‘off the shelf’ blend of flower essences for everyday use for ourselves and our animals, and  our new range of Chakra Balance and Energy Balance products.

What do you love most about what you do?  

I love ‘meeting’ with the energy of  the animals, and  the report back from a client. To hear of the changes in their animal or themselves, always amazes me. Sometimes that change is just a true sense of inner peace, or a dramatic change as Billy’s case. It inspires me to keep learning & growing.

Any big plans for the future?

I would love to bring in more awareness to allow everyone to see everything as energy. Of how energy is related to our everyday lives, and how we can use this energy, particularly in the care of our animals and environment.  And to keep healing simple!

written for Natural Folks Blog August 2014


So What is your cat's Agenda?

SO WHAT IS YOUR CAT’S AGENDA? Do you really know your cat companion? What do you see when you look at your cat? Contentment? A spoilt fur ball? A manipulator? A living cuddly with fur? A free spirit? Cats come into this World with their own Agenda – which we often, as humans, do not understand. In our lifetime we may be lucky enough to be privy to what it is; if not, we will surely be part of it! I do believe that in most cases, our animals choose us. They may walk into our lives, and some will chose to just walk right out again – much to our sadness and confusion. What did we do? Was Puss unhappy? It is not really about us, it is about them. Their Agenda. We cannot put our emotions onto our cats. They have their own emotional level which is very different from ours. They will choose who they love, who they wish to Teach, who they will assist with Healing & Growth. Cats can also reflect back to us too, our own emotional crisis. They can often try & absorb our emotional stress; our illness, our dis-ease in some cases. They do this by free choice; their way of trying to help their people. Sometimes to their own detriment, but that is their choice – as Cat! Unlike dogs, our cats are not a pack animal, and are often seen by us as loners, not needing anyone, capable of making their own decisions perhaps? They are not that isolated in reality. Cats actually do want to be with us, they are not loners as such, they are just individual beings - & we need to respect that. They want companionship, love; but more on their terms – for they are Cat! I have found that the cats that I have worked with in my Healing work can be here for our evolution & healing. Many are our Teachers, like my own beautiful boy, a very wise old Soul. Many are here to show us how to love, how to nurture, how to open our heart centres. Some cats are here to teach us patience, understanding. Some are here for their own growth and experience, something that we may have chosen to help them with before incarnating! They offer unconditional love, although some of their Guardians may dispute this. Their love is not quite like ours; they love in a cat’s way. For they are Cat are they not?
They can assist us with our growth and healing, they can also be here for their own experiences and lessons as well.
So perhaps we could allow our cats to be.....Cats?  Perhaps we could respect cats as Cats?  And not as little humans in fur?
Perhaps we could step back and allow our cats to have their own Agenda – and give them the love, & respect that all living creatures deserve. For after all, do they not carry the essence of God too?
So, what is your Cat’s Agenda?

        written for Into Light E Magazine December/January 2011/2012

The Healing Horse

Throughout Man’s history, horses have been there with us for much of this time; working for us and with us, helping us in our travels and development, teaching us, and loving us. We owe so much to our horses.
Today, the horse seems somewhat redundant compared to earlier times of work and battle. However, the horse is perhaps more abundant in our lives now than ever before.
We have much more access to the pleasures of our horse companions. We enjoy their company, for pleasure, for learning, and often for competition to see who is the best!  Anyone can enjoy the pleasures of the humble horse.
Our horses are also able to assist us with our healing journeys too. They are able to offer unconditional love and patience to the disabled, to our children; to ourselves! Just been in the company of these beautiful creatures is often healing for our very souls and hearts. How could we not notice their gentle eye, their loving hearts, their graceful bodies? How healing is it to see such beauty, such magnificence, such humbleness?
They are seen as wonderful, sometimes almost mythical creatures; stoic, graceful, silent yet always communicating; comrades.
As our relationship with our horses changes, so does our knowledge and perception of these magnificent creatures. We understand now that we can have a relationship with our horse, that they do feel, that they too can hurt, be stressed, have joy and personality, have sadness and pain, and have their own agenda of 'issues'. And we can now see that pain, that hurt and sadness, just as we can see the joy and happiness with them too.
Fortunately, we are also able to help our companions when they do have pain, sadness and hurts. There are so many types of healing now available for our fine equine friends. Where do we start? There is the care that our Vet's are trained for and provide, there are other options as in massage, Bowen, Reiki, energy work, homeopathics and other holistic and complimentary health. There are even equine psychologists! These are just a few of the wonderful options available to us and our  graceful companions.
My passion is Energy Work. Pure and simple! As with all animals, our horses respond exceptionally well to energy healing of any form. This can be given hands on directly, or it can be done remotely/distance as well. As it is pure energy, it can be sent anywhere in the World, at any time, with total ease. Ideal if the horse is inaccessible by other means.
My belief is that our emotions govern our health. If there is an  emotional issue(s), or trauma, that does not, or cannot be addressed, then this has the potential to manifest at a later time, as dis-ease, illness, behavioural changes, even self sabotage!
I have great success with animal healing, whether it be hands on, or remote/distance healing. When doing remote/distance healing work, I can connect with the horses energy/self. We are able to communicate, and I am also able to 'feel' the horses body with my hands if need be. Remote/distance healing also allows me to work mentally with the horse without outside distraction. We are able to work with, and release, any emotional issue, past or present, that may be contributing with the horses health and well being. 
For me, healing starts by working with the actual core of the problem, not just 'fixing' what is been presented at that time, for example, just treating the injury or illness. This ensures that the whole issue/problem is been treated as best as possible – a holistic approach
Here  are just some of the health areas that Energy Healing can assist with;

  • Emotional Healing 
  • Healing after injury or accident
  • Healing for sickness or ill health
  • Self sabotage 
  • Chronic and acute pain
  • Stress
  • Age related problems
  • General Health maintenance  - ideal for the Competition horse
  • Behavioural problems, new and existing

Please note – Energy Healing should not replace your current Medication. or Treatment(s) Please consult your Vet Practitioner if you should have any concerns.

written and published for Holistic Living website February 2010

re written, condensed & published  in IntoLight E Magazine November 2011

Energy Healing

As far back as I can remember – I have always had an affinity with animals. I was always coming home with a hedgehog, mangled bird or whatever I could find. I am sure that they were placed where I would find them. Unfortunately my healing skills back then were not what they are now. And regardless of how much my heart wanted them all fixed – it most often did not happen. The death rate was very high – and with every one, my heart broke as well.

I realised early on that even though my desire was to help animals, large and small, I would never aspire to be a Vet or a Vet Nurse as I was sure that my heart would break too much every time I couldn’t ‘fix’ something.
My passion is all manner of beasts; but the horse was always the closest to my heart. In hindsight, I can see now that I used to have a gentling way with my wild beasts! However, this was not apparent to me at the time of my ‘horsey’ days. It was to other people – but in my youth, I tended to ignore most of what people said and just ‘did what I did”. I still do!
Always having animals around me, I used to feel such depths of compassion for them when they were ailing or unwell. I wish I knew then what I know now. But that’s life I guess – we learn from each stage. In those times – and until only the last few years – I had no idea what ‘Energy’ was. Did anyone? It is still a new concept to many people. Fortunately, animal people seem to be on to it a little more.
My first introduction to Energy Work was learning Magnetic/Auric Healing. It was fascinating – to actually be able to feel the life force of just about everything from rocks and crystals, to plants and animals, to people. It just felt right somehow. Not too weird – comforting really.
It was also so exciting – to finally be able to ‘connect’ to the Energy of those everyday things around me. It certainly explained many things to me – particularly my own relationship to my own animals.
My animals were certainly able to read my Energy well before I learnt to read theirs! I do not care what anyone says – we human beings are a backward race when it comes to the magic of Energy and how it works! We have so much to learn from our animals if we would just open our thoughts and our eyes, and our hearts, and just see – and feel!. I often feel so humble that I still know so little – and they are able to teach me – us -  so much!
So when I decided to become even more involved in Energy Work –my next choice was Reiki – Equine and Animal Reiki. I enjoyed being with the animals so it made sense to learn a modality that would enable me to spend time helping them.. Particularly helping my own family with my dog and two cats. And the neighbours beasties as well.

When my best friend, my beloved dog, developed cancer, I then became more serious in Energy Work, and with the aid of a wonderful Holistic Vet, we managed to get her into remission within six weeks. This was rare in itself, due to the type of cancer she had. The Vet was astounded to say the least, as she was still eating and had not experienced any weight loss! I spend many an hour a day just giving her ongoing healing to help her through this. This is when I started to really look at what this ‘Energy stuff’ could do – and decided to take this more seriously.
I learnt about the powerful Energy of plants, as in Bach Flowers, which work so gently and subtly on all levels of healing.
I also started to notice the relation between the ‘Emotions’ and the Physical body. Research led me to believe that if we approach Healing on the emotional level – then the physical will follow.
I developed my own healing technique with animals called Remote Emotional Release Healing, and have had absolutely wonderful results with this. So simple – so good!

I am passionate about Energy Work – and am always striving to learn more – and to be able to assist others to experience the sheer pleasure and Healing from this Miracle that is around is everyday, in everyway!
My first Reiki Case study was for a horse that appeared to have nothing really wrong with her.
I approached a total stranger and explained that I needed a horse to complete my Practitioner Certificate. Could I use her horse please? Fortunately for me – she gave me the benefit of the doubt and agreed – cautiously! I can tell you – it is very nerve racking working on someone’s horse while they watch your every move. But I was determined to prove my worth!

Here is a brief outline of that particular case:

The horse was a 5 year old thoroughbred mare. She had a early history of abuse, some intentional, some not – but still damaging all the same. Some of this abuse was clearly visible on her body. However, overall, she was a beautiful girl, with no major hang-ups. Although she was 5 years old – her owner commented that her mentality was of a 3 year old in reality.
Our first hands on session was one of building trust, as she was very cautious and sensitive to been touched in certain places – namely 50% of her body.
Overall – she had over 5 sessions, and after that time – she was such a changed girl! Even I was astounded that this type of Healing really took place! Throughout sessions, her person and I would see her body releasing these emotional blockages at cell memory level. At times she was sleeping throughout my treatment – and her side were contracting and releasing like a surfing wave!!! I am so pleased that her person was watching it too – otherwise no one would have believed what we were seeing!!
After her treatments, people had trouble recognising her now as she had rounded out more – she appeared to have grown, she was now living up to her full 5 years and making up for lost time by been a little bit more stroppy and independent  with her person, (in a good way). She was able to be touched all over, and her whole personality was one of a new girl! She had let go of fears, and seemed to have developed a whole new personality and bravado for life! Her person has noticed such a dramatic and positive improvement in all aspects of her horse’s well been

Looking back from where I stand now, I can see just how much the healing of our old emotional issues actually affects our physical!

Energy healing works on all levels; promoting health, harmony and balance back into the body, mind and the soul.
Energy healing does not have to be just for the sick or infirmed; it is used also for basic health maintenance, for changes in behaviour or personality, for illness and injury, for pain or stress, or just for the sheer pleasure and relaxation that Energy healing offers.

Everyone has the capacity to assist the ones we love to heal – everyone! When you cuddle up to your animal when they are suffering, and you wish them well from your heart – that is healing! It is not rocket science. Some people are more gifted in using the Energy’s to heal, just as some are more gifted to share their knowledge in writing. After all – it is only Energy!
You can be in attendance for the healing; or it can be ‘sent;’ to you – at no extra cost for the freight! It is purely Energy!!
Healings are available in person, or Remotely – all with equal success.

written and published in NZ Equine magazine October 2009

 Animals have hearts too! 

Of course they do  - they wouldn’t be alive if they didn’t! This is not the  physical, blood pumping heart that I am referring too. I am meaning the emotional heart, the compassionate heart, the loving heart.................

Anyone who shares their lives with animals will know what I am talking about. We share so much with our animals; our good times and not so good times, our issues with others in our lives, travel, family time, adventure, and even our secrets.  What don’t we share with them

Not all animals will share our homes. Some will be put out on the street to fend for themselves, no longer wanted or “just do not suit our lifestyle anymore”. Some will be abused, some will be just left. Some will be commercially kept, or mass produced to money, including puppies and kittens of breed. Some that do share our homes will not be loved, or well cared for. BUT – they will all share THEIR hearts with us – regardless of our selfish attitude! That is because an animal’s heart pumps PURE LOVE. There is no such thing as a ‘dumb’ animal either. If you believe that there is such a thing, it just goes to show just how much smarter they are – to have fooled you all of this time!

With my work at Energy Works, I have met many animals along the way. I am able to link with them mentally and to communicate with them to assist them in their own personal Healing journey. I have met very stressed animals, fretting too much about others in their lives instead of themselves, I have met many horses that have been abused in the name of ‘breaking them in’, or handling, that carry permanent emotional, and sometimes, physical scars, I have met animals who need help to heal due to their interaction with us, and also animals who just have their own agenda! And I have also met animals that want peace for themselves, or their loved ones, before they cross the Rainbow Bridge to go home. So who has the heart?

Animals that love us, share their lives with us, are also able to link mentally and emotionally with us as well. That is how they communicate naturally in their everyday world. We are the different ones! We need to make noises and actions to communicate. So it is easy for them to pick up our worries, our stresses, our issues. – just by linking their heart to ours

And, like people, these issues, if not cleared and addressed, can then change into physical issues. Behavioural changes, illness, injuries? How often do we know of someone, or heard of someone, who has had cancer, or a debilitating health issue, only to find that in a year or two, Felix or Fido ‘suddenly develops the same, or similar physical issue. Coincidence?
Or do they have an emotional issue? Changes in their behaviour? Is your animal stressed? Are you? Is it their stress or yours?

So what can we do about this? We can remember that ALL animals have hearts! Even a cow has a heart! It may not look like it – but it does.
We can offer our animals healing when they need it – when we think that they may be out of balance, when they have illness, injury, or behavioural issues – just for starters. We can take the time to try and understand them better, and how their lives are intimately linked with our own. We can give them respect, and we can give them OUR HEART – unconditionally.

“I am passionate about my Healing work with animals and people! I am also passionate about bringing awareness to people about their animals emotional needs too”
Please visit our site at, and feel free to make contact with any interest or questions that you may have".

written and published for Holistic Living website January 2010

re written, condensed & published  in IntoLight E Magazine September 2011


Distance/Remote Healing  for the Beast  (or Man!)

Well, that’s an interesting title! What is distance/remote Healing?

Most of us understand the concept of receiving energy healing in person. Anyone who has received, or given, a Reiki session for example will know this. But distance healing? Well, it is exactly the  same energy used as in a normal healing session, like  Reiki, except it is ‘sent’ with intent, to a recipient either in the next house, next street, down country to the back blocks, or even round the other side of the World. And, the recipient is often able to ‘feel’ that energy, just as they would in person.

In the days of my training as an Energy Healing Practitioner, remote, or distance healing, was one of the modalities that was covered. It all sounded good to me. To be able to help a person or animal on their healing journey anywhere in the World had to be good! To be honest, I did believe that this could work, I just needed the validation, for my own peace of mind, particularly if I was going to offer this as one of my services. I was not able to offer this if I could not prove to myself that it worked! And I can now say that I have done this – with ease!

I experimented on a friend (thank you Sheila!)who lived in another part of New Zealand. I would conduct healing sessions on her, and we would then converse excitedly over the phone with our conclusions and share and compare notes with each other about the session. I also had friends practice on me as well, just so that I could ‘feel’ what was going on too. I found that I could often tell them what time they started, what part of the body they worked at that time, and what time they finished their remote sessions, as I could actually feel the sensations myself.  It is really amazing.

This blew me away, so I spent more time experimenting. I did this a lot with our animal friends. One Client even watched her dog’s reaction at a pre determined time, just to ‘see’ what happened when a connection was made, and healing work undertaken. She was astounded at her dog’s reaction to ‘nothing obvious’. She was even more astounded by the positive reaction from her dog after the healing session was completed

My success with distance healing lead me to undertake even more remote healing work; particularly with horses. I developed a modality that I call Remote Emotional Release. This allowed me to work with the horse or animal, at a much deeper level, on the emotional issue that was actually creating the physical issue!  Medical Scientists are now researching in more depth the impact that our emotions have on our well being basic cellular structure; how they affect our overall health, and their relationship to dis-ease and illness. I could have told them all of this before! They only had to ask!

Remote Emotional Healing, or RER, is achieved by mentally connecting with the horse or animal concerned, regardless of location. I found that nearly all issues with the horse’s current problem or health, was linked back to an emotional state(s). Through direct communication with the horse, I was able to assist the horse to recognise and acknowledge this emotion, and to release it, at a cellular memory level. Our horses do not necessarily want to ‘hang onto their baggage’ like we humans do. They just want to move on through their life journey with ease. Just another one of the many valuable lessons that we can also learn from them.
I found that once an emotion(s) was released, that there would often be a physical reaction as well. This might be a sudden, positive change in the behaviour, or a fear that was been held onto, no longer exists, wounds may start to finally heal over, or an illness starts to improve in a positive way at last!

The result can be very quick! The horse does not need to acknowledge what created this emotion. That is, once again, a human reaction. We like to know how we got ourselves into this state. Horses and animals do not. They just want to move on.

Remote healing works!

Through remote/distance healing, emotional issues are addressed.  Physical issues can also be addressed at much the same time, as they go hand in hand. Sometimes the cause of a long standing underlying issue can be found too. It is not complicated.

I was contacted by R.A back in April 2009, as a last resort, when her horse Billy, was diagnosed with cancer around the eye. He received surgery for this, along with further Veterinary and other treatment as listed below. Energy work was also started after the surgery.  Billy received all of his healing sessions remotely. During these sessions, Billy released a large amount of emotion over time; emotions which, looking back, related directly with the eye, and also with other issues that he was experiencing.  Here is R.A’s testimonial regarding the healing sessions that Billy received.

Billy now – March 2010!       

        "Billy is a 10 year old bay gelding, who was in good health. Earlier this year, I noticed his eyelid looked 'puffy'. Following a vet visit and surgical removal, it was found to be a nasty cancer, which in horses comes back aggressively. Billy was started on a Veterinary regime, involving a series of injections to his eye lid area. The drug they used was a bacterium. I also started him on a tumour mix from Naturally Equine, and had the kind use of a bioptron light from a friend. Billy's eye lid quickly became full of pus and was very swollen. He was having it cleaned twice a day with saline and an antibiotic cream applied.
At this point I contacted Energy Works. Billy has since been having weekly remote healing sessions, which have involved energy healing and releases etc. His demeanour and personality have noticeably improved in this time, and where he had fears, there are now none. He has put on weight in places I couldn't seem to quite get 'padded' despite having him for over a year and a half. The pus and swelling have largely gone from his eye now, however he is still having his healing sessions as any sort of emotional upset seems to manifest in this area. Jeanne is teaching him how to release this anxiety, so hopefully he learns quickly!
I have found Jeanne to be lovely to work with; she has some amazing insights into my boy, which no one else is aware of and things she couldn't know without being able to heal and communicate with him.
I would not hesitate to recommend her to others. She has been kind and considerate, and the proof is evident in Billy today. He still has a long road to go down in the healing process, but I feel without Jeanne's help, the lump would have already come back as a cancer. I look forward to continue working with her to help get my boy cancer free"

Update from R.A - 24 July 09 " I had to hug the Vet tonight after she told me that she couldn't feel any cancer lumps in Billy's eye. She was impressed it didn't leave much of a scar. Hopefully this is the last we see of it now. Feel a huge weight has been lifted. Thank you so much for everything you have done for both of us"

January 2010 - Billy has since been given another all clear from his local Vet for the cancer, and is also now back full swing into the Show circuit, and is doing very well for himself.

Billy has continued to astound the Vets with his progress with his eye. He has also ‘rounded’ out physically, and no longer has issues with his ears and tail been touched. He has dropped many other issues that he was carrying around at that time as well.

During my sessions with Billy, I was able to guide Billy on how to deal with any emotional issues that may present themselves to him in the future, instead of allowing it to be ignored and ‘stored’ internally. He is doing very well. He still has his little issues, but that is just Billy been Billy.
For further inquiries, please contact us:. We are more than happy to assist you where ever we can.
Distance/Remote Healing works well for the ‘Man’ as well as the Beast too.

written and published for Holistic Living website April 10

  re written and re edited for NZ Equine magazine July 2010 

 re written, condensed & published in IntoLight E Magazine)October 2011




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