Animal Rescue, Education & Rehoming Centres within New Zealand

PLEASE NOTE - ENERGY WORKS NZ LTD IS NOT A RESCUE AND REHOMING CENTRE - We are offerring listings for these wonderful centres only.

This page is dedicated to the wonderful people out there who  give their time and love to helping our animals. This is our way of supporting them by listing them here so that the public know who they are, where they are and what they do.

Help support these fantastic people and their passions and the the animals; support your local Centre. They all need assistance of some sort, whether it be time, donations, food or materials.

If you are looking to add  an animal to your family, please check out your local Rescue and Rehome Centres first. I am sure that you will find a new family member there, just waiting for you to choose them and take them home to love and care for them.  Thank you!

These Centres and Resources also will have a wealth of information that may help you make the right choice on your new family member, and how best to care for them, for the joy  of everyone.

Some listings here may also be for information only

All Paws Rescue  

All Paws Rescue is a registered charity founded in June 2015. Our charity is run solely by volunteers and with bases in Manawatu and Taranaki.
We work to uplift and provide safety to dogs and pups in at risk situations from neglect, abuse, abandonment and council pound forced euthanasia caused by abandonment, as far and wide as possible in New Zealand.
Our animals are sheltered by our staunch team who open their homes. While in foster care all of our dogs and pups gain veterinary care, good nutrition, love and understanding, positive reinforcement training and socialisation and learn what it is like to be part of a family while we search for their forever homes.
We work to ensure proper placement by making appropriate matches to the right homes & families.
All dogs and pups go into their forever homes vaccinated (1st minimum), de-sexed, micro-chipped and registered.
All Paws Rescue:

"Helping those in need no matter the breed"

Instagram: allpawsrescuenz

              Wellington Rabbit Rescue 

Wellington Rabbit Rescue is here to take on unwanted/neglected rabbits. We also endeavour to educate people on rabbit welfare in New Zealand.

We desex any rabbit we receive and then adopt them out to loving homes. We ensure they go home to people who are “bunny savvy” and have nice large areas for them to live in!
Rabbits need companionship, exercise & enrichment. It’s important to realize how intelligent rabbits are and that a hutch is NOT enough!

(Emergency) phone number: 027 450 7010

Rabbit Rescue Hawkes Bay

We are a non profit registered charity. Located in Havelock North, Rabbit Rescue Hawkes Bay is one of the beat places to adopt a rabbit. Since opening in 2015 we have built up a loyal pet owner following with our genuine love for rabbits, our commitment to help and our unique rabbits. once you adopt a rabbit, you'll understand waht makes our community so special.
Rabbit Rescue Hawkes Bay rescues abandoned, unwanted and abused rabbits without prejuice to age, genger, breed,type or other issues. to provide foster care. to spay, neuter and to provide medical &rehabilitative attention to all rabbits in our care. To find permanent quality homes for them. To educate the public and assist Humane Societies, animal control officers and other rescuers in teaching proper rabbit care. To reduce, primarily by public education, the number of rabbits abandoned at shelter and/or turned loose when no longer wanted.

Phone/txt: 0212394860 Anna
Email :
Facebook page:
Website :

33 Breadalbane Road
Havelock North
Hawkes Bay


Building Awareness aRound K9's is a not-for-profit Organisation created to support our Community including pre-schools, schools  and other learning facilitiies, with regards to the safety of children around dogs. We design and implement well structured lessons to integrate smootly with the national school curriculum, as well as the individual class, school or organisational processes.

OBJECTIVE: To promote safe and happy dog experiences for pre-school and school age children through education.

AIM: To reduce the National ADD Dog Bite Statistics in children 12 yrs and under.

BARK serves as a hub for volunteer educators throughout New Zealand who have an active interest in the safety of our children. BARK enables educators to deliver consistent, reliable and proven messages, personalised to all age groups.

BARK provides supporet to volunteer deucators in managaing their local community activities, including programme planning, resource development, administratoin and managing sponsorship opportunities.

show your support through our Facebook page

To register your interst in volunteering contact Heather email: or phone mobile  021 02500630


Humane Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming Charitable Trust (HURRAH) - Uniting pets with people for a lifetime of happiness

HURRAH is a small dog rescue charity located on the Hibiscus Coast Auckland and run solely by volunteers. HURRAH is the brainchild of Chrissy, Marika, Anne & Sarah. All of us volunteered for other rescue organisations and became disheartened by the number of dogs being returned. Where were these rescues going wrong, and how could we make it right?

So where do we get our rescue dogs from?  Well at present the majority of our dogs come from Northern Animal Shelter in Auckland which is our local pound. Now heres the magic bit…

Canine behaviour and welfare expert Lara Dixon attends the pound with us to hand pick death row dogs with a good temperament. From here the dogs are placed into loving foster homes. Our fosterers are committed to the dogs rehabilitation period and attend a 5 week basic obedience course courtesy of Dog Guru and doggy daycare courtesy of Urban Dogs.

All of our dogs are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and registered by our vet Simeon from Glenfield Vets.

At the end of the dogs rehabilitation period the dog is then assessed by BARK NZ to confirm the dogs suitability for rehoming. HURRAH then take this information and seek to match fido to a loving forever home.


 Mastiff Breeds Rescue and Rehoming 

 Mastiff Breeds Rescue and Rehoming is a registered charitable trust.

Sadly, the number of Mastiff breeds needing new homes continues to rise and we need people like you to help make a difference. Please do your research on the chosen mastiff dog breed to see if a Mastiff is best suited to your life situation before purchasing We work closely alongside SPCA's and pounds to help place unwanted, abused or neglected pure bred Mastiff breeds into permanent, loving homes.

Kindest Regards   ~   Sandra Greenwood  ~  Rescue Coordinator for Mastiff Breeds Rescue & Rehoming

 Disclaimer :   We offer an independent dog rescue specialising in Mastiff breeds. We have no affiliation or association with any breed club

9lives Cat Rescue

9lives Cat Rescue is a local non-profit organisation working on Auckland’s North Shore. Run by a small team of volunteers, they have dedicated their time to rescuing homeless and abandoned cats and kittens. They foster these felines in their own homes until they find permanent loving homes of their own. Consider adopting one of more of our rescued felines, or help us by becoming a volunteer! Located North Shore Auckland

Phone Anne on 418 3515 or Caroline on 488 0354 or visit our website:


  Aucklandhavan for Horses

"Hi, my name is Debbie Barker. I started Auckland Horse Havan in 2006, with the aim of helping horses and ponies into happy loving homes after ill-treatment or misunderstanding. We use a natural based way of training all our horses. All our horses are worked with to help over come past lives in their own time and not be forced or hurried to be moved on. It can take us years to make sure the horses are 100% happy in mind and body. Pleased feel free to check out our new website"Located Auckland.

Upper Hutt Animal Rescue Society Inc.

Upper Hutt Animal Rescue Society Inc has been established in Upper Hutt since 1967. We  rescue & rehome cats, kittens and rabbits. We are always looking for their forever home. All our cats and kittens are desexed, vaccinated and wormed prior to going home. We are always looking for help in many ways, volunteers,fosterer's, fundraisers, food, and cash donations.

 Upper Hutt Animal Rescue Soc Inc - Ph 04 526 2672               

Open: Mon to Fri 10am to 2pm - Weekends: 10am to 12 Noon

Check out our website  or follow us on facebook. 

The Animal Sanctuary

The Animal Sanctuary in Matakana provides a safe haven for abused and neglected animals; cares for injured or orphaned native birds; and rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes battery hens.  Because there are so many other great groups that care for cats and dogs, The Animal Sanctuary focusses on hard to place animals such as "farm animals".  
More and more we are being asked (by families whose circumstances have
changed) to help find homes for beloved pet pigs, goats, donkeys, cows, etc.
If you have land and are able to adopt beautiful animals that need a safe slaughter-free home and lots of love, please contact us at

See our short video at 

Cat Rescue Christchurch

Cat Rescue Christchurch is an independent Charitable Trust that focuses on reducing stray cat and kitten overpopulation by using the trap-neuter-return (TNR) method. Stray kittens who can be socialised (kittens under 8 weeks of age) are desexed and re homed.

Cat Rescue Christchurch also promotes the desexing of companion and stray cats whom people are feeding, and the early neutering of kittens before being re homed from any adoption facility.

Cat Rescue Christchurch relies on donations from generous people to fund its work. We do not have a shelter but we have a small number of volunteers who foster and socialise cats and kittens.

Cat Rescue Christchurch Charitable Trust - Sign up to our e-newsletter

   Petsonthenet has been successfully reuniting and rehoming pets throughout NZ since 2002. We work with all types of companion pets from shelters, rescues, SPCAs, pounds and the public. Our philosophies are "Adopt, Don't Buy" and "Desex your pets".
If you want to adopt (and save a life), come and see our pets for adoption NZ wide. Or if you have lost or found a pet, or even seen a deceased pet - please place an ad with us in the one place that is recommended by the SPCA and is the one place people know to look for lost and found pets NZ wide.

Come and visit us at

Hedgehog Haven

Hedgehog Haven is a rescue and resource centre for these wonderful little creatures. Hedgehogs are often misunderstood, and there is not much public information on their care and welfare

Please make contact with Peg Logue to find out your where local Hedgehog rescue person/centre is, and to find out how you can better look after these little gems.

Hedgehog Haven
PO Box 119 - Taupo 3351  - New Zealand
Phone 07 378 7630 - mobile 0274 762 824

Sapphire Cat Rescue

From Sapphire Cat Rescue ~ “Cats and kittens can’t speak for themselves; they can’t tell you they are hungry, scared, sick or suffering or tell you that they have been dumped, abandoned or abused. That is where we come in, Sapphire Cat Rescue is non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing  and re-homing stray cats and kittens in the Auckland area. We believe that once we have removed these cats and kittens from bad situations they are no longer victims but real gems as they make the best precious companions for life.  All of our cats and kittens are desexed, vet checked and fully vaccinated. Located on North Shore Auckland.

You can contact us on 476 5163 or



Dogwatch - A sanctuary for abandoned pound dogs and puppies.
Dogwatch is a registered Charitable Trust  which is fully self-funded and relies on donations, grants and legacies.
Set on 4 acres of picturesque grounds in Bromley, Christchurch comprising of 8 spacious kennels with heated
concrete pads, 7 large exercise yards, 3 acres for dogs to run freely on twice a day
and a team of dedicated volunteers to attend to all of their needs. All of our dogs are able to be viewed by members of the public.
Funds are also raised from the Second Hand Variety Shop in New Brighton.The public are welcome to come and visit our dogs.!/pages/Dogwatch-Sanctuary-Trust/277494078961245

Wild Bird Care Centre 

The Wild Bird Care Charitable Trust working through the Whitford Wild Bird Care Centre operates on a voluntary basis giving their time freely to the care and rehabilitation of New Zealand’s native birds.

We also encourage community involvement, both young and old.  In doing this we are teaching them about caring for the environment and wildlife, and this in turn we believe will help lead NZ to a sustainable future.

Donations are welcome and all funds go to assist the birds in care.

K9 Rescue & Rehoming

Welcome to K9 Rescue & Rehoming, where every dog deserves, and has a second chance at life!

K9 Rescue & Rehoming cares for abandoned, unloved and neglected dogs and puppies from pounds and local Vets

We are a non profit voluntary organisation who are currently self funded. All of our dogs and puppies live in foster homes and enjoy life been involved in daily family routine and the home environment with other household pets.

South Waikato Cat Sanctuary

We are 'The South Waikato Cat Sanctuary Charitable Trust'. CC44771.  TSWCS take on unwanted, unloved & homeless Cats & Kittens, but also Small dogs & other animals.  Hubby & myself & our 3 children work with the animals from our home with another 2 dedicated Trustees that work closely with us also.   We give them love, vet care & everything needed while in our care.  
TSWCS take them on from birth to elderly.   Vaccinating, & desexing ALL, with microchipping on our wish list also.

 We run off donations, & Hubbies earnings, so any donation small or large is HUGELY appreciated  is our Website.   'Give a Little'  Our Facebook Page for TSWCS.  Trade Me.

Greyhound as Pets (GAP)

Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) is an independent charitable trust established by Greyhound Racing New Zealand to find pet homes for retired racing greyhounds.

Due to misconceptions about the breed, greyhounds are generally not considered when choosing a pet, and while many racing owners try to rehome their dogs, there is a definite lack of good homes. GAP aims to find loving homes for as many ex-racers as possible and is working to inform the public about the true and wonderful nature of greyhounds!

GAP rehomes greyhounds nationally throughout New Zealand through its kennel bases in Sanson, Manawatu in the North Island and Amberley in the South Island. You are very welcome to visit our kennels but we would appreciate if you could please make an appointment prior to your visit.
You can help by becoming  a volunteer, a foster home or  a steadfast friend.

For more information on this fantastic breed, or if you can assist us, please visit us at: 

Or follow us on Facebook

North Shore Turtle Rescue- Auckland 

North Shore Turtle Rescue If you have a turtle or tortoise you dont want anymore or just simply need some advice then please dont hesitate to contact me.

I have studied as a veterinary nurse and now currently work in a local pharmacy as a pharmacy technician part time. ! I first started rescuing turtles at the age of 16 years old and now am still doing this several years later

We are based on the North Shore in Forrest Hill Auckland, New Zealand. This is a non profit organisation. Donation fees apply for those who want to adopt when turtles are available.


We take in any unwanted turtles or tortoises in any condition. We give them adequate housing and any medical/veterinary treatment they may require. We will do our best to find homes for any unwanted, abandoned or neglect turtles. (once well enough of course). PLEASE DO NOT RELEASE YOUR TURTLE INTO THE WILD!

German Shepherd Rescue Trust

  The German Shepherd Rescue Trust We are a privately operated service dedicated to the well being and long  term care of German Shepherd dogs throughout New Zealand. We are  a  volunteer organisation providing complete care for unwanted, abandoned, neglected and stray German Shepherd dogs and puppies while actively seeking permanent, loving homes for these homeless pets. You can visit us at; Facebook and Twitter link on the home page.

Equine NZ

  Equine NZ is a Canterbury operation of 12 years that offers unwanted horses & ponies a second chance at life.

  Equine NZ is an organization dedicated to the welfare of horses and ponies in the New Zealand region.

  My aim here is to provide a service for those horses who need a second-chance home. It is also my hope that this can save some of them from the alternative due to an ex owners change in circumstances.

Equine NZ receives No funding & is supported out of my own pocket. I started EquineNZ for the love & passion I have for the horses.
They also helped me through a bad health patch and they are my life! I could not imagine being with out them or not being able to help a horse when I can.

Location:                Wigram - Christchurch City - Canterbury
Services offered:     Rehabilitation/Rehoming service of all breeds of horses.
Areas serviced:       South island wide & lower north island.
Availability:             Monday to Sunday


Retired Working Dog Adoption

 Retired Working Dog Adoption are advertising locally (at this stage just in the Wairarapa as we are still small) to farmers, offering to rehome their old working dogs for free as an alternative to putting them down.
The dogs stay on farm until we have matched them up with homes (through SPCA Wairarapa and Facebook etc), then we will collect them and take them to their new retirement homes. Home trials are fine.

Costs involved to all new owners are desexing of the dogs placed with them (basic SPCA charges).

Our aim is to find retirement homes for as many dogs as we can. They are amazing creatures and they deserve it!

Contact email details:
or Facebook us at "Retired Working Dog Adoption".

                                    Gutter Kitties

Gutter Kitties is an Incorporated Charitable Trust that rescues and rehomes abandoned, surrendered, and mistreated cats and kittens on the North Shore, and Rodney District, Auckland.  We provide them with necessary veterinary treatment, food, shelter and care they require until loving homes can be found for them.


Dog Rescue Dunedin (DRD)

Dog Rescue Dunedin Charitable Trust was set up in December 2011 to foster, desex and re-home dogs that have been left unwanted at the Dunedin City Council Pound. Dogs impounded by Animal Control are held at the DCC Pound for 7 days. If unclaimed they are available for adoption directly from the pound, but many are left unwanted, and are destined to be "put down". Dog Rescue Dunedin rescues these unwanted dogs and provides essentials (registration, microchipping, desexing, vaccination, food) and foster care while advertising for new owners. So far we have saved 177 dogs!

Also on Facebook.
Ph 03 486 231

 LARA (Little Acres Rescue Animals)

Hi, my name is Jacqui from LARA (Little Acres Rescue Animals) and two years ago local farmers started to  bring their unwanted, surplus or orphaned livestock to us rather than cull them.

We nurse the sick; give a home to the orphans and then we started to rehome those that we were unable to keep here permanently. This network amongst farmers grew, and so did the need for 'rehomers'

We realised that there is a huge gap in the animal rescue work, and that is in the livestock sector. We decided to dedicate our humble 4 acre farm to this very purpose and give our farmers somewhere to take lost, sick or surplus stock for rehoming rather than the traditional choice of culling.

We work with farmers and the community to help save livestock, poultry & water fowl. Rescue and rehoming larger 'lifestyle' animals. There is NO intake fee, and a nominal rehoming fee. We operate under 'the spirit of koha' so that NO unwanted animal is turned away because of costs, only if we are totally full. If you cannot afford the rehoming fee, we gladly accept donations of feed for the animals instead. We are non profit making, and work primarily to save lives, and seek good 'forever homes'.

Our network has reached far and wide and many healthy 'lifestyle' animals are now enjoying life as beloved pets around New Zealand.

Focusing on livestock, poultry, water fowl and feral goats, we now work 7 days a week rescuing and rehoming for non profit, and no animal here, or ones we rehome, are used for meat purposes.

Our website is

Our blog is

Tel 07-825-4884

Our Facebook page is LARA -Little Acres Rescue Animals

Cats in Need Trust

Cats In Need Trust. We are an organisation that rescues cats and kittens that are unwanted,abandoned, or abused. The animals are cared for in Mangere East, Auckland, where we bring them back to good health to go on to being adopted. All cats that leave the trust are spayed or neutered, wormed, vaccinated and microchipped.
We are a registered charity and rely on donations and fundraising to provide for the cats in our care. To view cats which are up for adoption or sponsorship, make a donation or find out other ways to help visit our website below. 
To contact us you can phone on 09 276 9960 or 027 426 4374 or email us at

Hope Rescue South Auckland

Hi there, Hope Rescue South Auckland is a small rescue based in Manurewa, South Auckland. We are a non profit organisation and we aim to help South Aucklanders and the wider Auckland area with stray, unwanted and abused animals. We appreciate support from public and businesses.

We provide the necessary veterinary care and food and the place the animals in loving home settings during their recuperation period. All animals that we rehome are desexed, vaccinated, and have had flea and worm treatment.

We rely on donations from our supporters to carry out these rescues. We appreciate donations of all sizes - big and small, everything helps.

Contact Diana on 021 0200 8791
          or Stephannie on 09 267 5455 or 027 686 2778.

We are also on Facebook

or you can contact us by email on

ARRC (Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre)


ARRC (Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre) is a charitable trust, established in 2003.
Our team assists DOC, Rotorua and Tauranga SPCAs and the public with the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife in the Bay of Plenty. We are passionate about caring for our native wildlife and recognize the great value of education. In 2010 we were the proud winners of the Tauranga 2010 Trustpower Community Services Environment and Heritage Award.
Leading by example and through education we assist our wildlife, helping to cultivate an attitude of respect and responsibility toward our animal co-inhabitants as well as our natural heritage
-To provide a well known service and local facilities for the rescue and rehabilitation of native birds and animals in the BOP.
-To create a credible organization serving the purpose of nationwide networking of similar facilities/caregivers
As part of our commitment to the preservation of our natural environment we are proactive with animal related projects such as the “ARRC Adopt a Pet Program". The goal of our "Adopt a Pet Program" is to provide caring homes for loving animals that are homeless.
The aim of this programme is to:
-Promote responsible pet ownership
-Help to prevent unwanted litters of kittens and numbers of stray cats as well as homeless dogs
As part of our commitment to the preservation of our natural environment we are proactive with animal related projects such as the “ARRC Spay the Stray Cat Campaign”.
Our aim is to reduce numbers of stray breeding cats in the Tauranga area as they impact on our natural environment and on our pets. As these cats continue to breed and without intervention, this problem will continue to grow, likely at an alarming rate. ARRC has enlisted key assistance from local businesses, vets and the public to provide resources and a team, community based approach to dealing with this problem.
Cats are caught, desexed and either re-homed (if suitable) or where their presence is of benefit to the local community they are released back into their original environment i.e. Industrial areas where they are beneficial in the control of pest species. In some cases, cats are humanely euthanized e.g.: due to severe disease or injury.
The long term benefits of this project:
1. Preventing unwanted litters of kittens and numbers of stray cats
2. Providing the Tauranga public with an avenue of constructive input and an opportunity to help animals as well as their local community
3. Promoting responsible pet ownership
4. Minimizing the impact on local wildlife that may be preyed upon by cats
5. Promoting a healthier environment for pet cats
If you have stray or colony cats that need desexing, please fill in the appropriate form on the website and forward it to us -





















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