Natures pharmacy

Synergens is our new range of natural healing products.

We use only pure, natural ingredients that have been locally sourced. Our products made  in small batches to ensure quality and freshness

Hand made, using natures natural ingredients, these products have been made to be used by man and beast alike -  a multi purpose and multi usage product. We have endeavoured to use all New Zealand grown ingredients as our first option, as well as organic products where possible.

Keeping healing simple - naturally!!

 Trauma Heal

  ~suitable for all soft tissues pain and damage, nerve pain, over exertion of muscles, strains, ligament and tendons, bruises and sprains. Can help with arthritus, RSI, pain from Fibrolyalgia. For all chronic and acute situations

Suitable and safe for both man and beast.

Anti inflammatory, pain relieving and healing

Available in 50 gm cream and  50ml spray

  Gentle Heal

~suitable for all skin injuries, wounds, cuts, minor burn and sunburn, ulcers, bites,itches, insact bites, wet and dry ezcema, impetigo (school sores) ringworm, fungal and bacterial infections.

Suitable and safe for both man and beast

Anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti septic, anti inflammatory, anti viral, anti itch, anti histamine; soothing, cooling and healing

Available in 50gm cream and 50ml spray

   Body Heal

~ a beautiful, gentle, nurturing and healing body lotion. Perfect for everyday use or for when your body is needing just that little bit of extra healing loving care. Perfect for dry or cracked skin, over exposed skin to natures elements, or just for that wonderful luxurious pampering. Using all natural ingredients once again, and gentle fragrance essentional oils to nurtue and heal.

Developed for personal use in a 100ml pump bottle application

   Gentle Skin

~ a luxurious, velvety opaque gel, blended with all natural plant healing ingrediants, which is perfect for sensitive skins, after shaving, or over exposure to natures elements. Offers a cooling, healing and awakening sensation.

Developed for personal use in 50gm pot.







Natural Holistic Healing cream made from natures cupboard, suitable for both animals and people
Natural Holistic Gentle Heal Spray from Natures cupboard - perfect for both animals and people
Natural Holistic Trauma Heal cream for both animals and people
A gentle soothing, luxurious opaque face gel ideal for daily use for after shaving, sun exposure or just for the extra sensitive skin. Cooling and refreshing, it is perfect for the 'after shaivng' rash or sensitivity, as well as for nurturing the more
Natural Holistic Trauma Heal spray for both animals and people
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